Technology Resources

Here are some resources that will give you the edge on your teaching career. You should be able to find teaching tools for your classroom in our Subject Area Links, get information from conferences in our Training Resource Links or be able to troubleshoot various problems with your computer or other hardware/software. You will also learn how to set up and use your Smartboard, e-Beam, doc cam, printer or email through our Troubleshooting and Set Up Links.

GFPS Instructional Technology Page

How to use the Warehouse Catalog and find the toner for your printer

Process for acquiring new technology in your school

Approval Request for New Web 2.0/Software/App Tools

Currently Approved Web 2.0/Software/App Tools

Web 2.0 Parent Permission Slip

Weebly tutorials

District Guidelines for Webpage Design, protecting from spammers and student safety

District Guidelines for Social Media, guidelines and application for approval process

Get Office for Home Use–go to and use your AD log in.

Need help with Acrobat or pdfEscape for electronic printing?

Need help with Google Apps for Education (Google Docs)?

Parent Portal Tutorial for PowerSchool

CIPA, FERPA and COPPA explained

Visit here for the technology department page.



Visit the GFPS Instructional Technology Page for Subject Area links and lots of other resources.



For Training Resources, visit the Instructional Technology Page.


For Troubleshooting & Setup Help – Visit the Instructional Technology Page