Student Services

Special Education

Great Falls Public Schools provides a comprehensive program that serves youngsters ages 3-21 who need individual educational services.  Depending on their needs, some students are fully included in general education with modifications and minimal support from special education staff. Other students are taught in the general education classroom both by special education and classroom teachers. Some students receive pull-out services; and finally, a few of our students spend half or more of their day in a special education classroom.  Our Special Education Department staff includes teachers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, para educators, psychologists, etc.

Student Services also includes:  Health Services, medicaid, guidance and student assistance with counselors, and Student Title IX along with Student 504 plans.

Extended Curriculum Services/Gifted Education

The Great Falls Public School District offers an Extended Curriculum Services program for students with advanced abilities.  This program provides opportunities that extend the regular core curriculum and allows students to learn at a pace, depth, and breadth that is commensurate with their abilities.  Extended  Curriculum Service teachers act as a resource for classroom teachers by offering collaboration and consultation concerning identification and differentiation, by providing pull-out and replacement class options and extensions for identified students and by managing individualized academic plans for those youngsters.

English Language Learners

Great Falls Public Schools works to best meet the needs of English Language Learners, both Limited English Proficient (LEP) and English as a Second Language (ESL) students. A Home Language Survey is completed for all students at registration. The district has established a framework to guide staff in recognizing needs and support available for English Language Learners. Classroom teachers are supported by an ESL teacher and a Title Teacher on Special Assignment.  For more information on supports and processes for English Language Learners, visit the webpage HERE.

Early Childhood

Great Falls Public Schools works to ensure all students enter kindergarten ready for success.  To this end, the district supports a preschool and an early childhood group called Little Buddies, and the district also works with community groups such as the Early Childhood Coalition to stay connected with early childhood needs around our community.  For more information, visit the GFPS Early Childhood webpage linked HERE.

Reading and Math Support

Great Falls Public Schools strives to provide all students with opportunities for individualized academic practice and growth to ensure maximum success and learning.  Each building provides support in the areas of reading and math to help accomplish this goal.  For more information on reading and math support in our schools, please click HERE.

Federal Programs

Families in Transition

504 and IDEA

504 Parents/Students Rights

IDEA Special Education Part B

Dale Lambert
Student Services Director
Grade Levels:  Pre K-12

Student Services
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