School Nursing Services


 GFPS Nurses are Here for You

Who we are:

Erica Harp, RN (Lead Nurse)
       Schools: Longfellow
       Phone: 268-7700
        School: North Middle School, Sacajawea
        Phone: 268-6537
        School: Lincoln Elementary
        Phone: 268-7700
        Schools: East Middle School, Lewis and Clark
        Phone: 268-7700
        Schools: Loy
        Phone: 268-7700
        Schools: Morningside, Sunnyside, GFH, PGEC
        Phone: 268-6996
        School: Skyline Preschool
        Phone: 268-7700
        Schools:   CMR, Riverview, West
        Phone: 468-5847
        Schools: Whittier, Roosevelt, Mounain View
        Phone: 286-7700
        Schools: Loy
        Phone: 268-6998
        Schools: Valley View, Meadowlark
        Phone: 268-7700
        Schools: Mountain View, Chief Joe
        Phone: 268-7700

Resources for Parents and Staff:

Sending your child to school with medical needs:

If your child has any medical conditions please do not hesitate to speak with your child’s teacher, principal, or school nurse.  School nurses are available to help assess what your child needs to succeed at school and we can develop Individualized Health Care Plans or Emergency Care Plans for them.  Below are some quick references for common medical issues, but we understand that our students have many other medical needs beyond those listed here.

For the student with Asthma

  • If your child will have an inhaler in the office please provide the school secretary with a physicians order for their medication.
  • Here is the Asthma Care Plan for your child to be filled out with their symptoms and returned to the school with yours and their physicians signature.
  • If your child will be carrying their own medication please have your doctor sign the MT Authorization to Self Carry and Self Administer Asthma Medication form and give a copy to the school to keep on file.
  • Would you like more assistance with your child’s asthma?  Cascade City-County Health Department nurses are prepared to help!  Please contact the Montana Asthma Program Home Visiting program at 406-761-9888. Or visit their website by clicking here: MAP

For the student with life threatening allergies

  • Please refer to our suggested guidelines for sending your child to school with allergies:  Allergy Recommendations
  • If you will have an Epinephrine auto-injector kept at school for your child please make sure that the office has a copy of a doctor’s order for ALL medication.
  • Here is the Allergy Care Plan that will need to be completed and signed by yourself and the doctor.
  • If your child will be self-carrying their Epinephrine auto-injector please have your medical provider complete the MT Authoization to Self Carry and Self Administer Allergy Medication form to keep on file at your child’s school.

For the student with Diabetes


Quick Links to GFPS Emergency Care Plans (ECP)

We ask that all students with a potentially emergent medical condition have an ECP on file with their school.  These plans can be reviewed annually and/or changed as needed for your child.  Please contact a school nurse if you have questions.

Examples of other Emergency Care Plans:

We will gladly accept different Emergency Care Plans from your child’s health care provider or from another agency as long as they are reviewed by a school nurse. 

Links to useful resources:

When to Keep Sick Kids Home

GFPS Nursing Department Lice Information

School Guidelines for Managing Students with Food Allergies

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (

American Diabetes Association (

Cascade City-County Health Dept

MT Asthma Program for Cascade County (MAP) (helpful information about diseases and healthy living)