School Elections 2013 – Why is it needed?

School Elections 2013 – Why is it needed?

1. The Three Ours:

a. Address Our Kids’ Individual Needs.  Improve the learning environment for kids at all levels to ensure their success and ultimate high school graduation:

  • Reduce number of overloaded elementary classrooms; in October, 59 classrooms were overloaded, mostly in grades K-2, kids’ first school experience
  • Provide more specialized learning activities to challenge gifted kids
  • Hire a specialist to provide occupational therapy for kids with special physical needs
  • Add 2 drug/alcohol counselors or social workers to address substance abuse, a leading cause of dropping out
  • Provide after-school bus transportation at the middle schools so that all students can stay after school for academic support or extracurricular activities.

Our Kids:  $279,000


b. Provide Teachers with the Resources to Implement and Assess 21st-Century Teaching and Learning (Our Future).  Recent curriculum improvements are designed to ensure students graduate from high school college- and career-ready.    The success of these improvements depends on:  

  • Preparing teachers to deliver instruction and assess learning effectively
  • Updating technology, equipment and software licenses to provide 21st-century learning experiences and individualize assessment and instruction

Our Future:  $269,000


c. Improve Safety and Security of Our Community’s Schools.  Meetings with parents and law enforcement over the last year have identified several areas where improvements can and should be made:

  • Maintain the Security Resource Officers at our middle schools and high schools
  • Improve alert system, building security, and playground supervision
  • Implement staff name badges and expand bully prevention training 

Our Community  $294,000

Total = $842,000


2. To Maintain Present Program:

  • Meet contractual obligations for longevity and continuing education incentives
  • Respond to increase in the minimum wage, health insurance, and inflationary costs of supplies and materials

Total = $139,748


This is a balanced and responsible approach to funding our children’s education. If interested, please navigate over to the What Will it Cost? page to determine what this request will mean for your personal tax bill.