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Out of District Student Enrollment


 If you live outside of the Great Falls Public School District boundary area and you want to attend one of our district schools for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year, parents/guardians will no longer be responsible for tuition costs. This is due to the passage of House Bill 203 which provides for open enrollment between districts. Appropriate paperwork will need to be on file for your child(ren) to be able to attend Great Falls Public Schools, including a newly implemented Nonresident Enrollment Application. This online application is now open from February 28, 2024 through March 15, 2024.


Out-of-District Attendance Agreement

Out-of-District Application Form


If you are unable to submit an electronic application, paper applications will be available upon request at the Great Falls Public Schools District Offices, located at 1100 4th Street South.  You will be notified of the anticipated date for acceptance or decline of your request within ten (10) days of receipt of the initial application.



Please note:

A student who lives outside the GFPS district boundaries will not be considered eligible for enrollment in Great Falls Public Schools if they have been:

  • Truant as defined in §20-5-106, MCA, in the last school district attended, or
  • Expelled by another school district at any time; or
  • Suspended in another school district in any of the three (3) school fiscal years preceding the school fiscal year for which attendance is requested. This Subsection does not apply to a student who is eligible for special education or related services.

No school-sponsored transportation is available to students that live outside of the district boundaries; parents and/or students are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from school.


Executive Directors of PK-12 Student Achievement:

Heather Hoyer (Eastside)
Lance Boyd (Central)
(406) 268-6775
Jackie Mainwaring (Westside)
(406) 268-6006
Business Office Lead:
Aly Konecny
(406) 268-6051
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