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Darcie Aakre

Titles: English Teacher
Locations: High School, Great Falls High School, TestGroup
Phone Numbers:
School: 6377

Andromeda Abarr

Titles: Student Teacher
Locations: High School, TestGroup, Other
Phone Numbers:

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Locations: DOB Staff

Nate Achenbach

Titles: Associate Principal
Locations: High School, C.M. Russell High School
Phone Numbers:
School: 6107

Patricia Achenbach

Titles: Kindergarten Teacher
Locations: Elementary, Meadow Lark Elementary
Phone Numbers:
School: 7262

Heidi Acker

Titles: Sub Teacher Aide
Locations: District Wide, District Administration Office
Phone Numbers:
School: 7291

Kellje Ackerman

Titles: On Leave
Locations: DOB Staff

Shoko Adamek

Titles: Food Service Employee
Locations: Elementary, Giant Springs Elementary
Phone Numbers:
School: 7067

John Aegerter

Titles: Sub Teacher
Locations: DOB Staff, District Administration Office

Katie Afflack

Titles: Occupational Therapist
Locations: High School, East Middle School, Lewis and Clark Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, The CORE School at Morningside, Paris Gibson Education Center, Riverview Elementary, Sunnyside Elementary
Phone Numbers:
School: EMS:6497,PG:7701,SS:7115

Faith Aflleje

Titles: 6th Grade Teacher
Locations: Elementary, Valley View Elementary

Adam Agamenoni

Titles: 4th Grade Teacher
Locations: Elementary, Chief Joseph Elementary
Phone Numbers:
School: 6702

Erin Agamenoni

Titles: Para Educator
Locations: Elementary, Early Learning Family Center
Phone Numbers:
School: 7550

Jeff Agamenoni

Titles: Juvenile Det Center Teacher
Locations: District Wide, C.M. Russell High School, Great Falls High School, Paris Gibson Education Center
Phone Numbers:
School: 771-5102

Jamie Agiotis

Titles: Para Educator
Locations: DOB Staff, Whittier Elementary
Phone Numbers:
School: 7250
1 2 3 157 > showing 1 - 15 of 2346 constituents