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Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committees 2023-2024

Curriculum Committees exist to review, evaluate and develop the curricula used by our students. They ensure that our curriculum reflects the strategic goals, mission and vision of GFPS, and are aligned with our school board policies and state accreditation standards. For a more complete picture of all the requirements of policy and accreditation law and how GFPS fulfills these requirements, please Click Here!

  • Quality Assurance: Committees ensure the quality and coherence of the curriculum by establishing guidelines, implementation recommendations, and benchmarks for assessment and evaluation. They review existing courses and programs to ensure they meet the desired educational outcomes and maintain relevance to industry trends or academic advancements.
  • Alignment with District Goals: Committees consider factors such as our district's values, educational philosophy, and student needs to create a curriculum that reflects these elements.
  • Collaboration and Communication: The Curriculum Coordinators facilitate collaboration among faculty members, administrators, and stakeholders involved in curriculum development. They provide a forum for discussion, exchange of ideas, and coordination of efforts to foster a cohesive and integrated educational experience for students.
  • Continuous Improvement: Committees engage in ongoing evaluation and improvement of the curriculum based on feedback, assessment data, and emerging educational trends.

Parents & Community Members!
Are you interested in serving on a GFPS Curriculum Review Committee?

The Great Falls Public School District is seeking parents and community members who are interested in serving on a curriculum committee.  Anyone interested in serving on one of the upcoming committees listed below is encouraged to fill out and submit the application through the link. 

Upcoming Committees:  Mathematics

GFPS Curriculum Committee Community Member ApplicationApplications for this committee are due December 1st, 2023.All applications or questions regarding the committee and obligations of committee members are to be directed to the GFPS Curriculum Office at 268-6020.

Current and past committee member lists can be accessed by clicking this link:  Committee Lists

Current Committees:  Technology/Computer Science

Curriculum Coordinators Rachel Cutler and Beckie Frisbee

Meeting Frequency:
This varies by committee. We often have multiple committees running throughout the school year. Most committees try to meet at least three times per semester until the review process and adoption have been completed.

Usual Meeting Place:
GFPS District Offices

Meeting Dates and Times:
Committee work happens during the school day, in the evenings, and to a limited degree in the summer.

Committee Members:
Our committees consist of teachers, administrators, board members and community members.

If you would like more information about any committee and/or are interested in becoming a member, please contact:

Rachel Cutler or Beckie FrisbeeCoordinators of Curriculum, Implementation, Instruction and Assessment268-6037 or

Other Information: 
These content-specific committees are responsible for the review, revision, preview, and recommendation to the superintendent for adoption of any new curriculum, textbooks, resources, and course offerings. The work by these committees also sets the direction for the resulting implementation and assessment planning following adoption by the GFPS Board of Trustees.