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Board Policy Review Committee

Board Policy Review Committee 2023-2024

By 2020, the District will revise the Board policy review process in order to provide a contemporary, integrated and ongoing look at policies that govern the operations of the District.

Tom Moore, Superintendent

Meeting Frequency:
Approximately 2-4 times per month

Usual Meeting Place:
District Office Building

Meeting Dates and Times:
Dates to be determined

Committee Members:
Bill Bronson, GFPS Trustee
Paige Turoski, GFPS Trustee
Luke Diekhans, Director of Human Resources
Tom Moore, Superintendent
Brian Patrick, Director of Business Operations
Lance Boyd, Executive Director for Student Achievement
Heather Hoyer, Executive Director for Student Achievement
Jackie Mainwaring, Executive Director for Student Achievement
Aly Konecny – Business Office Lead
Sherri Clark - Executive Assistant to the Superintendent