Military Families

Welcome New Military Families

 Welcome sign for Malmstrom Air Force Base

Great Falls Public Schools, Malmstrom Air Force Base, the Montana Air National Guard, and the Great Falls business community welcome you to Great Falls.

Great Falls is a community that strives for strong partnerships between the schools, the military, and the local community. We value our new families and look forward to having you participate in our community.

It is our goal to help create a smooth transition for incoming students by providing all of the information you need, by honoring what students have done in previous academic settings, and by providing academic and social-emotional support to transferring students.

Please feel free to visit our schools at any time to make informed decisions about your children’s education. We look forward to serving you and your family.

Welcome to Great Falls!

The Great Falls Public Schools website provides incoming families with a wealth of information. Here you will find information on “How to Register”, Board policies, and Student Handbook information. If you are not able to find answers to questions you may have, you may contact the Assistant Superintendent’s offices (Elementary (406) 268-6006 or Secondary (406) 268-6008) for further assistance.

MIC3 Newsletter
Guide for Parents, School Officials and Administrators Regarding Transitions for Military Students

Frequently Asked Questions about Our District

Does Malmstrom have a base/DOD School?

Is there a School Liaison Contact?

What are our transportation options?

Do all ages/grades ride together?

What are the grade tiers?

What are my private/Christian school options?

Do we have to pay for high school sports?

If my child is an athlete and comes to the school mid-season, does he/she still have the option to play?

What sports camps and other opportunities are available in Great Falls to help my athlete keep up with his/her sport of choice during the off season?

What standardized tests will my child take?

What are the breakfast and lunch options?  Prices?

Do I have the option to choose what school my child attends if there is space available?

What support is available if my child does not speak fluent English?

What if my child does not have an IEP but needs additional support in the classroom?

What are afterschool care options?

Are there city leagues?

What determines if my child meets the Montana/Great Falls Public Schools standards for a gifted child?

What are the average class sizes?

Great Falls is very far away from most other cities and towns.  How does this effect school functions and competitions?

Are uniforms required?

What kind of physical education is provided in the schools?

My child has a medical condition that requires medication.  Is there a nurse available?

Do kids still have to go to school when it snows?

If there is a school closure, where would that information be found?

Do kids still go outside if it is snowing?

Do you offer a Transitional Kindergarten Program or Headstart Program?

Is Kindergarten offered full day or half day?

Do you offer resources for students with special needs?

Is there a gifted and talented program?

How do academics in Montana compare to other states?

What kind of supplies will students require for school?