DW-31 LeaveRequestForm


STEP 1: Determine the following as far in advance of the absence as possible:

  • I am an employee and requesting leave for association/union business, bereavement, jury duty, military duty, personal business, witness duty, or without pay. DO complete the Leave Request Form only. Move to Step 2.
  • I am an employee traveling to a meeting or conference (for CD, EC, SB or SD). Complete the Reassignment of Duty Approval Form only. DO NOT complete the Leave Request Form.
  • I am an employee who accrues vacation that wishes to take vacation. Complete the Vacation Form utilized by your supervisor. DO NOT complete the Leave Request Form.
  • I am an employee who needs to take sick leave. DO NOT fill out any form. SL is indicated on time cards and time sheets.

STEP 2: Fill out the name section with your legal first and last name. Complete position and building name.

STEP 3: Determine the category of the leave you are requesting (use the list below). Put an X on the appropriate line on the Form.

AU Association/Union- Teachers elected or appointed to serve as official representatives of the Great Falls Education
Association, MEA-MFT, AFT, or NEA may be permitted this leave.
BE Bereavement- Use this leave for each occurrence of death in the employee’s immediate family. Definitions of
immediate family can be found in pertinent Collective Bargaining Agreements or in Board policy for non-union employees.
BN Bereavement– For teachers/administrators/supervisors only: Sick leave may be used for the death of a person Non-Family outside of the definition for immediate family. All other employees: use vacation for non-family member bereavement (DO complete the vacation request form required by your supervisor.)
JD Jury Duty- This leave is provided for absence from duty with pay only for the time actually spent on jury duty. Contact HR for specifics regarding this leave. The summons must accompany the leave request and the duty pay must be relinquished to the District.
MD Military Duty- In abiding by the provisions of the Uniformed Services Employment & Re-Employment Rights Act (USERRA), military leave shall be granted to employees for voluntary or involuntary service in the uniformed services. Contact HR for specifics regarding this leave. Attach orders.
PB Personal Leave- Some employee groups have this leave as a contractual provision. Call HR with questions.
WD Witness Duty- Employees served with a valid subpoena issued by a federal, state, county, or municipal court or a federal or state legislative body may be absent from duty without loss of pay or other benefits. Contact HR for specifics regarding this leave. The subpoena must accompany the leave request
and the witness pay must be relinquished to the District.
WP Without Pay- For absence when no other leave applies or employee is not eligible for leave. Teachers need to complete an additional form as a WP request is asking for a change in contractual days.

For assistance, contact Human Resources at (406) 268-6010.

STEP 4: Complete the Dates Affected section. Only include actual work days. Be sure to indicate AM, PM or FULL DAY.

STEP 5: Sign and date and forward to your principal/supervisor. The principal/supervisor should sign and then forward to the Human Resources Office to complete processing. Please remember that your principal/supervisor may deny leave requests (except jury duty, witness duty and military duty).

STEP 6: A copy will be returned to you.

Vacation Request Forms

Please follow and use forms that designated to you from your supervisor.