HOWTO: How to use the new website

This page will get you up and running fast with the new website. You can find this page on the website by searching for the term “HOWTO” in the search box at the top right of any web page.


(each of these is a video tutorial not more than 2 minutes long)




If you are reading this page, you are likely a content owner of one or more “pages” in the new website. In order to edit the content for which you are responsible, you have to log in the website. After you log in, you can edit and save modifications to the pages for which you’re responsible. You can add content, add links, add files to the pages, and add images. You can of course modify existing content as well. Finally, when you save the changes, they get published immediately to the website for others to view.


How to log in


Basics of editing


Inserting images


Inserting clickable links


Inserting file attachments to a webpage (like a PDF)