How to acquire iPods or iPads for your classroom

Currently, ONLY STRIVING READERS schools can add iPad and iPod technology to their classrooms. This is to control general fund and technology fund budgets while the district becomes familiar with this new technology. As (and if) this technology proves itself educationally valuable, it will be opened up for acquisition to all buildings.

IF YOU HAVE APPROVAL to consider iPads or iPods in your classroom, there are still large preparations prior to acquisition.  A few of the things to consider:

  • Professional development – do you have the necessary training on how to use these tools?
  • Device management – how will you secure the devices when you aren’t in the room?
  • Power management – how will you go about charging the devices?
  • Apps – what apps will you use and how?  Do you have funding sources for purchasing pay-for apps?
  • Tracking success – how will you track whether the devices are having a positive classroom impact?  This is something your principal or other district leader may ask you to provide


WHEN YOU ARE READY to request iPods or iPads for your classroom, you will follow this process:

  1. Make sure you already have approval to be requesting iPods or iPads (if in doubt, talk to Tom Hering or Susan Quinn- your principal should be aware and supportive)
  2. Download this request form here
  3. Fill the "teacher" part of the form out (instructions included in the form)
  4. Print the form and sign it
  5. Have your principal fill in the "principal" part of the form and sign it
  6. Make a copy of the form for your personal records
  7. Send the original form via inter-office mail to "El Moldenhauer – InfoServe" at DOB
  8. The technology division will guide you through the rest of the process, including ordering the devices on your behalf, checking the devices into the district’s inventory control system, registering and activating the devices, getting covers added to the devices, and transporting the devices to your classroom.
  9. The technology division will provide a brief overview on physical device management (including charging) and will describe how to request apps for your devices.  App request process is also available here (TODO – still being created).