Great Falls High GFEF Scholarships

Brian Voegel Memorial Scholarship
Brian Voegel was a 1994 Great Falls High School graduate and a very determined and dedicated student. He was a member of the National Honor Society and Tandy Technology Scholar. Vogel graduated in the top two percent of a class over four hundred students and received a High School Honor Scholarship. He participated in athletics while at GHFS and in intramural sports during his two years at Montana State University in Bozeman.

George W. Tracy Memorial Scholarship

The George W. Tracy Memorial scholarship was established to honor George W. Tracy, who came to Great Falls for Pollock, South Dakota in 1936. Tracy was an avid sports fan and attended Great Falls High School Bison events for the next 65 years. His wife, Kathleen, and their three daughters, and four of their grandchildren all graduated from GFHS. Tracy valued all aspects of education and was proud that all of his daughters, their husbands, and five of his grandchildren who became educators.

Earl W. and Maudene R. Stice Scholarship

The Earl W. and Maudene R. Stice Scholarship was named in honor of the Stices, who came to Montana from Kentucky in 1936. Their two children graduated from Great Falls High School and Montana State University. They enjoyed their life in Montana and wish to express their gratitude by providing deserving young people with an education which will enable them to become productive citizens responsible to their family, their government, and their country.

Phil and Stella Palm Scholarship
Phil and Stella Palm were from Havre, Montana. They lived in Great Falls for forty-five years and raised three children who graduated from Great Falls High School. Phil served as president of Buttery Foods until his retirement in 1985. The Palms established this scholarship to help fulfill a GFHS students’ dream of graduating from college. The Palms recognize that many students have the motivation to continue their education but many lack the financial means to do so as a college cost increase each year. They began this Scholarship as a means to "give a person a chance" as Phil Palm was fond of saying.

Ogrin Scholarship
The Ogrin Scholarship was established by Joe and Nettie Ogrin, who lived and worked in Great Falls their entire lives. Joe was a car salesman for Bison Ford for several decades and Nettie worked as a registered nurse for College Park Medical Center. Both enjoyed golfing as their man social activity.

Frank and Arlene Osborne Scholarship
The Frank and Arlene Osborne Scholarship was established by Carole Osborne Lovinger in honor of her parents. Frank Osborne homesteaded with his family near Big Sandy in 1910 after moving from Wisconsin. Arlene, who later became Frank’s wife, moved from Wisconsin to Great Falls during the height of the Great Depression and worked with her aunt at their family’s grocery store. Frank was later employed by the Great Falls Post Office for 35 years until his retirement; Arlene was a homemaker and an avid gardener with a passion for beautiful flowers. They raised three children, all of whom became Great Falls High School graduates and each with a very strong work ethic, and outstanding sense of responsibility, and an innate desire to help others whenever they could.

Langevin Family Vocational Scholarship
The Langevin Family Vocational Scholarship was established in 2001 by Bob and Connie Langevin. Bob originates from Lincoln, Rhode Island, but considers himself a Montanan. Connie is a native Great Falls girl who graduated from Great Falls High School as did her father and his siblings as well as her and Bob’s children. The Langevins created this scholarship as a way to help further education for the next generation. The Langevins would like to thank the Great Falls Public School system for educating their entire family.

Hults Scholarship
Lowell Hults was born on December 12, 1910 in Indiana. Hults was the youngest of eight children and five of his sisters trained to become educators. After receiving his BA form the University of Wyoming and his MA from Indiana State University, Hults taught English and History in Indiana and Colorado before moving to Great Falls in 1944. He served as the guidance counselor at GFHS from 1951 until 1976, during which time he obtained over $10 million in scholarships and financial aid for GFHS graduating seniors according to reports from the School paper.

Jeannette Garver Scholarship
Jeannette Garver was a teacher at Great Falls High School in the early 1930’s. Her niece, Lois Kennedy, has made funds available to reward GFHS students attending college in Montana, especially those who choose to study education.

Diane Dailey Memorial Scholarship
Diane Dailey graduated from Great Falls High and later taught reading for twenty-five years at the school. Throughout her career she encouraged struggling students to finish high school, further their education, and establish productive careers. It is in this spirit that the Diane Daily Memorial Scholarship was established.

Carl Straight Scholarship
Carl Straight was born in Wisconsin and moved to Montana when he was six. He attended grade school for seven years in Montana and then graduated from High School in Wisconsin in 1939. While in high school he worked in the woods and for the railroad, the latter of which he continued after graduation. In 1942, Straight enrolled in the Army and served for four years. After is discharged for 52 years and worked all over the country until 1960 when he went to work for Malmstrom A.F.B. until his retirement in 1978.

Blewett Scholarship
Alexander "Zander" Blewett and Andrea "Andy A. Blewett were born and raised in Great Falls. Zander graduated from Great Falls high in 1963 while Andy graduated from Great Falls Central in 1965. They have two sons, Alexander “Anders" Blewett IV and Andrew "Drew" Blewett, both of whom attended GFHS. Anders and Drew attended college at Harvard and Tufts, respectively, and both graduated from the University of Montana Law School in 2007; they are now practicing law in Great Falls with Zander who has been practicing here since 1971.