Frequently Asked Questions

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Q & A

Where can I find the departments now that the menu item is gone?

  • Departments are now listed under the "District" tab.

Moodle, Help Desk, e-mail, OPI, and other links used to be so easy to find. Where are they now?

  • You will find links to these items under the "Staff" menu if you hover over the "Bookmarks" option; all the frequently used links are there. The site map lists all of the major links on the Website.

The Bookmark items, such as PowerSchool and email, used to open in new windows but they don’t now. I want to open more than one at once. What do I do?

  • You can right click on any link and pull to Open in a New Window or a New Tab.  You can also hold the shift key down and click on the mouse.

I can’t see some of the menu items. They are off the screen, so I can’t get to them.

  • There are two options:  Click on Site Map in the main menu. You can always use a Website’s site map to access items that do not work properly. You can also use the wheel on your mouse or the arrow keys to move down the page.

I have my own teacher page that I edit in Contribute. It is not working anymore. What can I do to fix it?

  • 1. Open Contribute
  • 2. Go to Edit and pull down to My Connections.
  • 3. Click on the Edit button.
  • 4. Click Next and change the Server name to (basically, take off the www and replace with "contribute.")
  • 5. If this doesn’t work, reset up the whole connection using the new server name above.
  •  \\disk\special\TeacherItems\Drop\VideoTutorials\Contribute
Copy and paste the above link into your search bar or the bar at the top of your Documents Folder for a video

PowerSchool isn’t where it used to be, and I need it! Where did it go?

  • PowerSchool is accessible in two locations now. Hovering over the "Parents" tab and using the "Bookmarks" option will get you there.

I can’t find what I need on the main page. Is there an easy way to find what I am looking for?

  • In the search window on the main page, type in a word or name, and you will find all areas on the website that pertain to that subject. Another item you might like to check out is the Site Map. The site map lists all of the major links on the Website.

I have a great event or topic that I think should go on the main webpage. How do I get it posted?

  • Write an e-mail to (web_master at and submit what you’d like published with your contact information. Protocol will be followed with the approval committee and someone from the committee will get back to you when/if your item will be published.

I was just on a page and found a misspelled word and wrong information. Whom should I contact to get this fixed?

  • Contact webmaster through e-mail: (web_master at or call 268-6054 to submit the problem, and the issue will either be fixed or forwarded to the appropriate party.

How can I get a copy of my contract or a handbook?

  • Click on the "Employment" button in the main webpage, and you will be guided through a large variety of options having to do with your contract, available positions, handbooks, and much more.