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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there orientation sessions?
The mandatory orientation sessions will familiarize students with the computer-based course format. They will also meet with their course-specific instructors for vital information and practice working in the online environment and within their specific virtual classrooms.  Students must plan to attend ONE of the two sessions:

Tuesday, June 4th from 5:30-7:30 p.m. OR Wednesday, June 5th from 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Q.  Do I need a computer and the Internet to take an online course? 

Yes, internet access at home is mandatory. Students also need a “back up plan” should Internet access or computer accessibility at home become compromised. The high schools have computer access during summer school hours. Not having access for any time during the summer does not change expectations or assignment deadlines. It is NOT realistic to expect to participate in online courses entirely on a smart phone or tablet.

Q. Who is eligible to take these courses? 

Any student entering grades 9-12 for the upcoming year who needs a credit in one of the offerings. The courses are available for students wishing to get a head-start on taking courses.  Virtual Academy is not a credit recovery platform. If you are in need of a credit recovery option, please talk to your counselor. 
Q.  Will I be able to take more electives during the school year if I take Virtual Academy courses?
Although taking a Virtual Academy course will open a slot in your schedule, you are not guaranteed a seat in the elective course of your choice.  If all electives are full, you may be placed in a study hall.

Q. What is the cancellation/refund policy

Cancelling by midnight on June 10, 2024 will result in a full refund with no grade penalty. 
Cancellations from June 11, 2024  through June 14, 2024 will result in a half-refund and no grade penalty. 
Dropping any course after June 14, 2024 will result in an F on the student's transcript and fees will not be refunded. 
All cancellations must be done in writing by email:

Q. Why should I consider an online course rather than one that meets face to face? 

Online learning is a flexible option for students who work during the day or need to spend the summer away from home. It is also another way of earning credit for those who prefer working on their own or wish to free up space in their high school schedule.

Q. How much time each week will I spend doing coursework?  

Students can expect to dedicate roughly 8-15 hours per week on each semester-long course (the semester, which is typically 90 days, is condensed into 8 weeks.) In general, students should log into their courses every day, just like attending face-to-face classes. Time spent online will depend on reading fluency and how quickly students can complete assignments. There is no specific time requirement each day as long as a student is making progress toward course completion.

Q. How does online PE work?

Click here to find out!

Q. What if I need help with the course? 

Our instructors are experienced in working with students in an online environment and are more than willing to help those who need it with course materials. The orientation session will explain all of the options to the students. 
Q. What are my options for payment?

Payments for all courses, EXCEPT HPE, are due on the last day of school. HPE courses always fill and have a waiting list. Because of this, all HPE fees must be paid within 48 hours of registration to secure a place in the class.

Visit and create a free account. Sign in. Choose "School Store" in the upper right. Click on "Browse All Items." On this site, you have the option of paying with a check (entering your routing number and account information) or with a credit or debit card. NOTE: assesses a fee (Approximately $5 per 1/2 credit.) Please do not pay online until you have registered for a course.

The Finance Offices at GFH and CMR will take payments until noon on the last day of school, June 6, 2024. After noon on June 6, please choose contact Beckie Frisbee  If you choose to pay at a finance office, AFTER you have registered, you need to print a payment form and take it to the finance office to pay. The finance office will issue you a receipt, write payment information on the form, and will get the form to Virtual Academy.

AFTER you have registered, you need to print a payment form and mail or deliver a check made out to GFPS to:
GFPS Virtual Academy
GFPS District Offices
1100 4th Street South
Great Falls, MT 59405
If you have no way to print a payment form, look at the one linked here, and print the necessary information on a piece of paper to mail with your check. If you plan to pay at a finance office, they will have blank forms for you to use.