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This tool assists parents/guardians and school personnel in finding the school boundaries in which a student resides. Infofinder will also indicate if the address is eligible for busing to those schools.

2023-2024 District Transportation Letter to Parents

Bus Driver

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Parents and Guardians

To Parents/Guardians of Children Riding School Buses

The Great Falls Public School District provides contracted school bus service, through Big Sky Bus Lines 454-1283.  This service is significantly more accommodating than the three (3) mile limit Montana State Law requires School Districts to provide. The basic structure to this provided service is as follows:

  • bus service to High School Students whose legal residence is in excess of two (2) miles from their assigned school
  • bus service to Middle School Students who’s legal residence is in excess of one and one half (1 1/2) miles from their assigned school
  • bus service to Elementary School Students who’s legal residence is in excess of one (1) mile from their assigned school.

Students can only board and de-board their assigned bus @ their assigned stop. Students are not allowed to ride home/with or get off/on @ friends bus and/or stop. All school buses have an assigned number of students to them. This assigned number may or may not ride at all times. However, the assigned number is the calculating number for “Space Available” of each school bus. Great Falls Public School District has made the following provision: If a Parent/Guardian desires their student to ride a bus and their legal residence is closer than the limits, as listed in the first paragraph, the Parent/Guardian may contact the Great Falls Public School District Transportation Office to request permission to ride if space is available aboard a nearby bus. No added stops or changes in routes will accompany any of this type of request.

Any concerns regarding drivers, bus aides or the bus itself should be directed to and handled by their Operations Manager/Assistant Operations Manager of Big Sky Bus Lines 454-1283.

Students are expected to be at their assigned bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled departure. Call Big Sky Bus Lines to coordinate your clock 454-1283

Student Behavior

Great Falls Public Schools contracts school bus service to Big Sky Bus Lines, Inc.  This contract includes directive and authority, to maintain Order and Safety of students aboard a school bus, according to District policies.  School buses are provided as a privilege, not a right.  Students are expected to display respect towards, and cooperation with, the driver at all times.  Students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with District policy.  Students, who make the choice not to display respect, cooperation, or follow District policy, may be subject to bus riding privileges being revoked.  Warnings and/or length of time privileges are revoked, MAY NOT BE IN A PROGRESSIVE ORDER.  Students misbehavior that results in immediate revoking of their privileges, will first require the Management of Big Sky Bus Lines contacts an Administrator of the Student’s school, and have the assurance the parent has been contacted by the school or the student.

A copy of a Bus Conduct Report will be mailed by Great Falls Public Schools Transportation Department to the parent.

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School Bus Rules







Big Sky Bus Lines
School Bus Rules 2023-2024


Bus Routes and Stops

Paris Gibson Education Center Students

If you are a bus eligible student and would normally attend East Middle School or Great Falls High School and North Middle School or C M Russell High School, catch the bus for those schools and make the following transfers to Paris Gibson Education Center;

@  CMR to Bus 35

@  GFHS to Bus 59

MAFB   In cooperation with the Base Commanders Office, all On-Base school bus stops will be at bus shelters only, unless construction inhibits bus travel.