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Graduation Matters

Graduation Matters

Over 2,000 students drop out from Montana schools every year. Making sure all students have opportunity and access to higher education and good paying jobs is more meaningful for our state and our country than ever before. Making sure all students receive a quality K-12 education – and that they walk out the door as young adults with a diploma or certificate in their hand - is urgent and essential work. In Great Falls, approximately 200 students in grades 9-12 drop out each year. That is over 1,000 in a five-year time period.

Objectives of Graduation Matters Montana:
1. Increase the rate of Montana students graduating from high school and college-and career-ready.
2. Establish a support network between schools, businesses and community organizations for student success.
3. Create school-based and community-based opportunities for student success.
Many communities around Montana are stepping up to the challenge of “Graduation Matters, Montana”! In Great Falls Public Schools, we are addressing the importance of graduating from High School with a Diploma that matters. Students must be well-prepared for their future, be it college, the military or the world of work. As a community, we must support each of our students in discovering their unique gifts and talents. Young people must have hope, goals and dreams as they look toward their future after High School.

We are working closely with our community partners to identify the support systems that need to be put in place to ensure that each young person in our community graduates from high school, ready for their future!