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Elementary Art

Our Elementary Art Specialists bring exciting, dynamic, and real art curriculum to over 5,700 students in 15 schools. We are not arts and crafts--we bring the Real Thing! Without Art the Earth is just.....Eh.

Elementary Art Teachers

Larry Goyette
Meadowlark 268.7300,Lincoln 268.6812, Longfellow 268.6853, Morningside 268.6986, Giant Springs 268.7054

Kelly Pisano
Loy 268.6924, Riverview 268.7020, Sacajawea 268.7080, Sunnyside 268.7637, Whittier 268.7242

Elizabeth Metzger
Lewis and Clark 268.6705, Chief Jospeh 268.6675, Mountain View 268.7305, Valley View 268.7145, West 268.7211


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