Charles M. Russell GFEF Scholarships

Dean Riggin Memorial Music Scholarship
Dean Riggin graduated from CMR in 1974 and went on the serve in the U.S. Army. Dean came back to Great Falls after his time in the Army and was a fireman for 22 years. Dean had great musical talent, and although he had no formal training he studied music on his own, and had composed a satirical opera about a firehouse before his death in 2000. The Riggin family honors his memory and love of music through his scholarship.

Wilford and Lillian Lemire Scholarship
The Wilford and Lillian Lemire Scholarship was established to assist students graduating from Charles M. Russell High School who will go on to attend a Montana college or university. Lillian moved to Cascade, Montana form Chicago, Illinois, in the early 1900’s. She and Wilford never had children of their own, but they loved children and Lillian always spoke of the need for good a education – the reason for the Wilford and Lillian Lemire Scholarship.

Kelly Johnson Scholarship
The Kelly Johnson Scholarship was established as a memorial to Kelly Johnson who was an outstanding Rustler during her high school career at Charles M. Russell High School. She was a member of two state champion swim teams and was an all-state softball player on CMR’s first softball team. Kelly was also an academic standout, earning National Honor Society membership and finishing in the top ten percent of her class. Kelly died tragically in an accident on July 1, 1991. This scholarship serves as a tribute to the memory of her.

Jaraczeski Family Scholarship

The Jaraczeski Family Scholarship was initiated in November 2004 after Richard Jaraczeski died after a long battle with cancer. Richard Jaraczeski highly valued well-rounded young adults who demonstrate integrity, care for others, strength of character, and determination. This scholarship is intended to reward one graduating senior from CMR who exhibits these values and who is serious about receiving a higher education.

Treacy Giesler Memorial Scholarship
Treacy Giesler was a 1984 graduate of Charles M. Russell High School. Throughout her junior and senior years she suffered from a debilitating brain tumor. In spite of this fact, her determination, compassion for others, and the love of life triumphed. She participated in many extracurricular activities and maintained an outstanding academic record.

Great Falls Education Foundation Art Scholarship
The Great Falls Education Foundation has established two scholarships for students pursuing higher education in the visual arts. One scholarship will be given to a Charles M. Russell High School graduate and one will be given to a Great Falls High school graduate; students from Paris will be alternately included with those from CMR (in even numbered years) and those from GFHS (in odd numbered years).

Great Falls Education Foundation Outstanding Innovative Project Award as supplemented by The Jeannette Garver Grant
The Jeannette Garver Grant has established to supplement the funds available for the Great Falls Education Foundation Outstanding Innovative Project Award. This award is designed to encourage and assist creative educators wishing to experiment with new teaching models but to benefit students in Great Falls Schools.

Wenass Administrative Scholarship
The Wenass Administrative Scholarship was established by the Great Falls Education Foundation as a general Scholarship fund. Over the years the fund has been buoyed by contributions from numerous sources including former Superintendent Larry Williams.  For application form, click here.

Nebel Scholarship
The Nebel Scholarship was established in1985 in memory of a long time teacher and coach, Dave Nebel. Dave began teaching in 1972, and coached the Bison Girl’s track and Field Team from 1978 to 1985. Shortly after the Bison girls claimed the AA State Track title in 1985, Dave died from complications following ATV accident. Dave played football and ran track in High School and attended the University of Montana.

The Lillian M Knudson-Johnson Scholarship
Lillian passed away Aug. 18, 2007, from the West Nile Virus. She was born and raised in Great Falls and graduated from Great Falls High School and Great Falls Commercial College. Lillian was a secretary office Manager for the Great Falls Transportation Co. for 12 years. She was elected in 1972 as the first women loan officer for Great Falls banks and later Assistant Vice President and Assistant manager of the consumer Loan department until her retirement in 1982. She married Kermit Knudson in 1960 and both she and Kermit were members of Olive Chapter 10, Order of Montana 1983-84. In 2004, Lillian loved much, laughed easily, worked hard, gave freely, and through it all kept a twinkle in her eye. Lillian was very supportive of youth and higher education.  For application form, click here.

Frances Kirwin Scholarship for Girls

The Frances Kirwin Scholarship for girls were established by Mrs. Tom (Nettie) Kirwin in memory of her adopted daughter, Frances. Frances graduated from Great Falls High School at the top of her class in the 1920’s and was eager to go to college; unfortunately, money was scarce in the Kirwin household – as was the case in much of the country at the time – and Frances had to try to fund her own education. She pursued every scholarship available to her but there were few and most of them heavily favored male candidates in the days before grants, federal loans, and other college-payments-assistance plans.

Hoppock Memorial Scholarship
Ruth Cora Farr grew up in Maplewood, New Jersey, where she attended Columbine High School. She graduated from Colby Junior College in 1936 and then worked for the town physician. She married David Willard Hoppock and raised two children in New Jersey, while also caring for a young elementary schooler whose parents died. A lifelong supporter of education, Cora Hoppock encouraged her daughter, Susan Hoppock Avery, to attend medical school at the time when women were under-represented in the profession. Susan Avery created this scholarship in recognition of her mother’s encouragement and support as she followed her dream of becoming a doctor.  For application form, click here.

Fred and Vasilia Grasseschi Scholarship
The Fred and Vasilia Grasseschi Scholarship was created because of the Grasseschi family’s strong belief in academics and athletics and their promotion in character. Fred Grasseschi was born and raised in Michigan, though he was a Black Eagle, Montana resident for over fifty years. He had a great sense of humor and was a standout football and baseball player in high school. In the summer of 1949 Fred came to visit relatives in Black Eagle and met Vasilia Margonis, who had been a lifelong resident of Black Eagle. They were just teenagers at the time but they fell in love and after Fred returned from serving in the Korean War they were married and lived a very simple life together for over 40 years.  For application form, click here.

Bertha Feaster Scholarship
Bertha Barrett Feaster was a proud Great Falls High School graduate who loved to page through her 1921 GFHS yearbook, telling stories of her old teachers and classmates well into her nineties. Never forgetting the fine schooling she received at GFHS, she continued to learn even as she approached the age of 102. When she died in 2005, her will stipulated her desire for others to enjoy their academic pursuits and established a fund to be disturbed by the Great Falls Education Foundation.  For application form, click here.