CARE Program

The CARE Program is the District’s Student and Employee Assistance Program. The CARE Program’s mission is to support the Great Falls Public School efforts to promote safe, secure and nurturing environments for staff and students with a culture of wellness in our schools. The CARE Program offers services in the following areas:
Prevention and Education: Through classroom activities, student workshops and staff development, the CARE Program provides training to students and staff to help minimize the effects of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, mental health issues, and other risk behaviors that can lead to academic failure.

Student and Employee Wellness: The CARE Program supports and coordinates many of the wellness activities that promote a culture of wellness for the staff and students. Click on the following links to learn more about the Employee Wellness or Student Wellness Programs.

Employee Assistance: Through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), the CARE Program provides counseling services to GFPS employees and their families.

Safe and Secure Schools: The CARE Program supports and coordinates many of the District’s efforts to provide safe and secure schools through emergency response drills and protocols, threat and suicide assessment and intervention, and bullying prevention.

Crisis Response: The CARE Program coordinates the GFPS Crisis Response Team which comes to the aid of schools in crisis situations. The Crisis Response Team provides counseling for staff and students and serves as a resource for those schools in crisis.

Community Outreach: The CARE Program often serves as the link between the District and other youth and family service agencies in our community.

If you have any questions about the CARE Program or are in need of the services we provide, call 406.268.6770

CARE Program Staff:

  • Erin Butts, Student Mental Health Coordinator 268-6771
  • Jody Murray, Prevention Specialist 268-6770
  • Student Wellness 268-6770