Winter in Montana, already???…Beware of Slips and “Great Falls”!

During the last five years, the Great Falls Schools reported three hundred fifty-eight (358) slips and falls!  The weather in Great Falls, Montana can make routine snow removal a challenge. It is best to not rely upon adequate snow removal because it is not always possible. Instead, take a few simple precautions to help reduce your chances of being injured from a slip and fall accident:


  • What you put on your feet in the morning may determine what kind of day you will have! As silly as it is, the right pair of shoes could save you a lot of discomfort
    • Wear shoes with good traction.
    • In the winter wear the “safe” shoes to school and change into another pair after you are in the building.
    • Wear personal traction devices such as Yak Trax, Ice Grippers, etc. to help keep you on your feet during wintery conditions.


  • Be very careful getting in and out of your car. Turn in the seat to ensure that both feet are firmly planted on the ground before trying to stand. You can use the vehicle to stabilize yourself if need be. When getting in the car, sit your bottom on the seat, then turn your feet into the vehicle so that you don’t slide on just one foot.
  • Pay attention to the conditions such as walking surfaces and report any uneven surfaces that need fixing.
  • Avoid the rush, take your time and use the sidewalks. Often, taking the shorter route across the snowy lawn or hill may result in a trip to the nurse’s office, medical clinic or emergency room.
  • Walking normally in icy and snowy conditions will eventually end in a slip and fall injury. Widen your stance a bit and walk more deliberately.

By taking a few minutes and thinking about your footwear and how you move about during winter weather we are experiencing, you could save yourself from being injured and inconvenienced by missing work and other activities!  We had a short “Fall” this year in Montana, please don’t make up for it by having your own “fall”!!

Be Safe and Stay warm!
Tom Moore, Superintendent