Superintendent’s Message

“Happy New Year!” exclaimed a group of friends last week at that famous stroke of midnight. That was followed by someone saying, “Where does the time go?” While it might be a bit cliché to wonder, it is a good question. Where does it go? It seems like only yesterday I was talking about the beauty of getting a fresh start every school year and about “getting our learn on” as I quoted Kid President. It seems like just yesterday that our kindergarten students were starting their 13 year educational journey, and it seems like just yesterday that our seniors were those kindergarteners. But alas, we don’t have time to reminisce for too long. To state another cliché, there is so much to do and so little time to do it! Time is a precious commodity.

In my 2013 Convocation message regarding making our time at work count, I said, “I believe that every staff member must cherish every moment of learning time we have with children. I believe that we must protect learning time from distractions and interruptions. This belief is true not only for classroom teachers, but also for everyone else who works in our schools. You have heard me say over and over again that if you waste 1 minute of time every day of the year, by the end of the year, 180 minutes or 3 hours have been wasted. Please cherish every minute we have with students. Please protect it so students can be engaged today, for life tomorrow.”

I thank you for the time you devote to student learning. You work hard every minute for OUR KIDS and OUR COMMUNITY with the complete understanding that all the work we do today is for OUR FUTURE. Your time is both valued and well spent as you use it to provide first class educational opportunity for students. Indeed, there is no time to waste in that endeavor.

So, where does the time go? In Great Falls Public Schools, the time goes to learning. We know there is much to do and so little time to do it. We know that time is a precious gift. We know every minute counts, and we know time marches on. Speaking of marches…is that “Pomp and Circumstance” I hear?

Happy New Year! Take care! Stay safe! Be well!