The Work Ahead

Superintendent’s Message
The Work Ahead
In January, I wrote about celebrating our successes while remembering to finish the 2nd half of the year strong. In that same article, I also wrote, “There is still a lot of work ahead.” And boy, isn’t that the truth! The District has developed a Strategic Plan and we have all been working in concert to address the goals that were set forth:
? Our Kids – Student Achievement
o Goal: Increase student achievement for all students while closing the achievement gap.
? Our Community – Stewardship and Accountability
o Goal: Provide prudent stewardship and accountability of public resources to best support educational opportunity and student success.
? Our Future – Healthy, Safe and Secure Schools
o Goal: The District will provide all students a healthy, safe, and secure school environment in which to learn.
But like a broken record, I must remind us all that there is still a lot of work ahead for the goals to come to fruition. We have analyzed the Plan as to what has been accomplished, what is left to do and what resources are required for success. We have listened to employees as you share the needs of our students. We have listened to our community members. With all of that in mind, at the Community Budget meeting on February 20th, I set forth $1,015,000 in additional funding needed to continue to move the Plan forward. These dollars are in addition to the financial, physical, human, and technological resources we are currently allocating to the plan. To state the obvious, for plans to be realized, resources need to be applied. Take a look at the resources the District is requesting. They can be found at: The resource discussion is on slides 18-23.
As we seek to find ways to secure the financial resources, I want to thank you, the humans of our organization, for the human resources you apply on a daily basis as we work for Our Kids, Our Community and Our Future. As there is still a lot of work ahead, thank you in advance for getting behind the Plan and the processes that will help us to do the work.
Take care. Be safe. Stay well. Tammy