The Season of Giving

The Season of Giving

The ancient act of giving during the Christmas season is alive and well in GFPS. Just take a look around the District and there are hundreds of examples of students and staff generously giving to those in need. Many of our schools are conducting food and clothing drives. Groups are preparing food and gift baskets for families who need a little boost during the holiday season. Students and staff are ringing bells for the Salvation Army and providing gifts for giving tree tags. Thank you for being abundantly generous to those less fortunate than ourselves during this giving season. OUR COMMUNITY benefits greatly from this plentiful giving. I am proud that we model and pass these giving traditions on to the next generations.

Something else makes me proud and that’s the fact that I work in a profession and with professionals that practice the act of giving all year round. Albert Camus, a French Nobel Prize winning author, journalist, and philosopher said, “Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.” GFPS staff members practice real generosity every day of the school year. You give your all day in and day out because you know it is essential to OUR FUTURE.

The GFPS annual giving campaign is another example of how we give back. We came together as an organization to make a difference yet again. We raised $53,919! We were just $1081 short of our goal, but yet again, we set a new giving record!

Thank you! Thank you for your generosity during this season of giving but just as importantly, thank you for giving so much to OUR KIDS, OUR COMMUNITY and OUR FUTURE all year round. The GFPS giving season is not a season at all. It’s just what we do day in and day out.

Take care. Be safe. Stay well.