The 4th R


The 4th R
Tomorrow is the big day:  Election Day!  If you haven’t done so, PLEASE drop your ballot off at the Elections Office (today) or at the Fairgrounds (tomorrow).  Like all of you, I am anxious to find out what voters say about our kids, our community and our future…those “3 R’s” that define GFPS.  I believe that over the last three and a half years we have set forth a good process, a thoughtful plan, and energetic strategies to inform the public, and no matter how it turns out, we will be celebrating success because we have forged important relationships with our community.  That word, relationships, is clearly the “4th R” in our equation for success.
At Convocation, I asked you to share your thoughts about the importance of relationships.  A few of you did and I thank you.  Here’s some of what was said about that 4th R. 
…we were not created to go through life by ourselves.  We all need to receive and give support.
…without solid relationships, nothing we do matters.  Kids learn from people they like, they trust and they feel safe with.  If you have a solid relationship, you can teach students anything.
…they make the difference between a child coming to school because they have to and coming because they want to.
…relationships join hands together and lots of hands together can get the work done.
…everyone needs a friend.  Everyone needs to be a friend.
…you don’t forget how people made you feel.
…we need teamwork, respect, understanding and communication to help each child achieve.
…they are the foundation to a desire to learn, motivation to do your best, and pride in work.
…we need each other to make the world better!
…every child deserves to be heard, supported and loved.
…encouragement + support = hope + success
…if you care, students care.
…so families can trust teachers to care for and teach their children.
…students are more than bodies in our classrooms.  They are unique individuals who matter!
And someone submitted this poem by Edwin Markham, who says it like only a poet can:
            There is a destiny that makes us brothers
            None goes his way alone.
            All that we send into the lives of others
            Comes back into our own.
Take care.  Be safe. Stay well.