Thank you!

Thank you!

One month ago I wrote about the possibility of making history with the bond levy election. I can’t tell you how proud I am of what we accomplished! As an organization and as a community, we seized the moment! We planned, we communicated and we turned out. Together, we started a new chapter for Great Falls and for Great Falls Public Schools! And none of it would have been possible without your help! I have heard over and over again how impressed the community was with the staff engagement. They saw you ride for the brand, they took note and acted accordingly. Every big and small thing individual staff members did made a difference. As I said at Convocation last year, when GFPS puts its mind to something, we are a force to be reckoned with! Thank you so much!

I look forward to paying you back as we work to reinforce, replace, update and improve your work places. It is going to be a 5-year process, so please be patient as we begin to understand and organize the work ahead. In order to stay informed and to share accurate information with the public that trusts you, please read Newsbits and the webpage for frequent progress updates.

Speaking of paying back, it’s the time of year for our annual giving campaign and I thank you for your past and future giving. I know I just asked you to support the bond levy and now I am asking of you again. Just as Great Falls gave to us, I know we can find it in our hearts to give to Great Falls once again.

As you know because you see it every day, the needs are many. I also know that United Way and Montana Shares are the agencies that support the neediest in our community. They do so much for so many, but they need our help. Your building champion will be providing information to you. I thank them for their service and I ask you to reward them with a contribution. If you have donated in the past either through on-going payroll deduction or a one-time donation, thank you. I hope you will continue to do so and maybe consider a little bump in the amount. If you haven’t given in the past, I ask that you take a moment to read the information provided and to consider a donation, no matter how small. Every contribution will help us make our goal and thank you, once again, for making GFPS great! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Take care. Be safe. Stay well.