Tech Levy Facts

Tech Levy Facts

Did you know that the District owns 8517 computing devices? One of those is the computer you are using to read this article. Did you know that 43.5% of those devices are 5 years or older and out of warranty? It is almost a 50% chance then, that the computer you are using is one of the old ones. Old computers are glitchy, slow and sometimes unable to open the documents and programs you want to use. I know this can be frustrating for you and just as importantly, for our students who are tasked with working on aging equipment.

These circumstances are why the Board is asking for an additional $425,000 per year for ten years to address this concern. Between the high school and elementary, the tech levies would generate $650,000 per year most of which will be spent in updating and upgrading our technology tools. In other words, it will be used to put newer computers into the hands of our students and staff.

It is imperative that staff members understand the plan and have the facts. It is inevitable that community members will ask you questions. When they know you work for the District, they will assume that you have information about it. Those community members are right. You should be in the know and if you don’t happen to know the exact answer, you should be able to know where to find answers. Your principal or supervisor are excellent resources. You can also call Tom Hering, Director of Instructional Technology or myself for more information. We have an entire webpage with additional information as well including a short video. It can be found here:

You have been provided five pamphlets to share with others. Hopefully you have reached out to friends, family and neighbors. Now, it’s time to vote. Ballots were mailed last week and are due on May 2. Please don’t let it sit. Exercise your right and responsibility. Fill it out and mail it in today.

Take care. Be safe. Stay well.