School District Governance

School District Governance

   Public schools in Montana are governed by school boards under Article X, Section 8 of the Montana Constitution. Access to an elected, volunteer board of trustees is one of the best assurances of excellence a community can have. The Montana School Board Association (MTSBA) puts it this way: School board members are a representatives of their community, leaders of their district, stewards of the district’s children and its tax dollars, and advocates of public education and an educated public.
   GFPS is so lucky to have a Board that believes in public education and we currently have an opportunity to select a new member for our Board. Due to the resignation of Trustee Ryan, his seat has been vacated mid-term which means that a new Board member is selected by the current Board to serve until the next election in May. At that time, the seat is included in the election with the interim member having the choice to run or not.
   Later today, information about the application process and timelines will be posted on our website. Be sure to pass it along to community members who have the potential to lead, steward and advocate for our district. Also, please know that you are welcome to participate in this public process. You are also invited to attend Board meetings. Information about the Board can be found at this link:
   I look forward to introducing the new Trustee to you in the very near future.

Take care. Be safe. Stay well.