Rest, Relax, Reflect and Recharge

 The holiday break is almost here! As I have been out and about at various concerts, I can certainly feel the anticipation building. I want to believe that our youngest students are thinking about the wonderful gifts Santa is going to bring them; that our teenaged students are looking forward to sleeping in and having a break from homework; and that parents are looking forward to the opportunity to gather with family and friends to celebrate the season. I would love to believe that these pleasant paradigms of Christmas are true stories, but sadly, they are not for far too many.

 Thankfully, our schools step up and lean in to make Christmas a little nicer for as many families as we can. Angel trees, food drives, adopt-a-family campaigns, food baskets, and the anonymous giving of gift cards are all common activities that take place behind the scenes in our schools during this time of year. All done because we know, as a popular quote tells us, “Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.” That’s what GFPS is really all about. Day in and day out, we change the world for each student and during this time of the year, that means making Christmas a little brighter for as many students as we can.

 Thank goodness for the door-opener, the life-changer, the opportunity-maker we call public education! Thank goodness for all of you who do more, give more and believe more. Thank goodness for all of those in our community who do the same. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

 And soon a little break to rest. Please take some time to relax, to put your feet up and to give yourself a pat on the back for a 2017 well-lived. Also, take some time to reflect on your work. I hope you feel a sense of pride in the big and small actions you have taken to ensure the future of our students. Lastly, please take some time to recharge. 2018 is on the horizon and I know that some of the days are going to be long and the work is going to be hard. But I also know that our kids, our community and our future deserve our best.

 So rest, relax, reflect and recharge! Thank you for being a part of great schools, greater tomorrows and Great Falls! Happy Holidays to you and those you love. My best wishes for a great 2018!

Take care. Be safe. Stay well.