Please Vote

Please Vote: Trustees and Tech Levy

I can’t say this emphatically enough: Being a citizen of the United States comes with civic responsibility and one of those responsibilities is to VOTE. GFPS will have an election on May 2. On the ballot will be the selection of three trustees and a vote for a Technology Levy. For the next several weeks, I will write about the Technology Levy. Today I will share some basics about the election. Please read these messages. As an employee. you will get questions and I want you to have accurate answers.

The work of our Board of Trustees impacts each of us daily and therefore, it is important that we do our part…that we participate in the voting that seats the Board. Again this year, there are three seats up for election. Those are the seats of Chair Jan Cahill, and Trustees Jason Brantley and Don Ryan. All three incumbents have filed as have three other candidates: Patrick Flaherty, Jacob Griffith and Don Petrini. I haven’t heard of a forum being held but the Tribune usually prints an article about the candidates. Do some research.

Here are the dates to keep in mind:
• Close of Regular Voter Registration: 4/3/2017
• Late Registration Begins: 4/4/207
• Mail Ballots Mailed: 4/17/17
• Election/Ballots Due: 5/2/17

If you haven’t registered to vote, TODAY is the last day of regular registration. You can still use late registration but it is easier to get it done on time. To register, stop by the Elections Office at 325 2nd Ave. N. It only takes a moment. If you aren’t sure if you are registered to vote, you can check at this website:

Just one more reminder. There are specific rules about using public time and other public resources to advocate for candidates and ballot issues such as levies. Check out the article in Newsbits for more information about that. In the meantime…
Take care. Be safe. Stay well.