Superintendent’s Message

November is one of my favorite months. Historically, this was a relaxing month as the crops had been harvested, winter was still at bay and the rush of the holiday season hadn’t yet begun. Obviously, the times have changed because as I look at the calendar, this is going to be another busy, busy month.

We’ll start with Election Day, which is tomorrow. Hopefully you have either cast your mail-in ballot or are ready to go the polls tomorrow. I will spend Tuesday evening anxiously watching the results as the fate of public school policy and funding are in the hands of those who will travel to Helena in January. I will also be ready to send invitations on Wednesday to those elected locally for an informational luncheon to be held on November 17. I seek to develop good relationships with our local legislators so we can have meaningful dialogue during the session.

Friday also marks the end of the 1st quarter. Report cards will go out the next week. Those report cards are a form of communication between teachers, students and parents regarding student achievement. Students and parents will be reviewing that communication and hopefully setting goals for success in the 2nd quarter.

The next big event is Veterans’ Day. I know that several schools are planning commemorative activities. Thank you for honoring veterans and active duty members on this special day. They deserve our respect and attention.

Of course, right alongside all of the major events, are a myriad of student activities, big and small, that serve to engage students in comprehensive educational opportunities. I am proud of the breadth and depth of what our district offers. The month will conclude with Thanksgiving and a well-deserved break in the action.

So as this busy 11th month commences, I hope we can also remember that this is traditionally a month to be thankful and grateful. I challenge the GFPS community to recognize one thing or one person you are thankful for each day of this month. Grateful people are happy people! Let’s get our happy on! Happy November!

Take care. Stay safe. Be well.