November 4, 2013 – Goal 2: Assessment

It is hard to believe that the 1st quarter is now behind us.  Students and parents will be reviewing report cards this week and hopefully setting goals for success in the 2nd quarter.  I know each of you has fine-tuned your work to reach your own professional goals.  Goals are important in providing the roadmap for the future and helping us keep our eye on the ball.  Action around goals must be maintained; progress must be assessed.  Your Superintendent must do the same.

During the first months of school my work has focused on the 2nd goal in the District’s strategic plan:  Our Community – Stewardship and Accountability.   Here’s a quick assessment of progress on this important goal:  provide prudent stewardship and accountability of public resources to best support educational opportunity and student success.

* A Trustee Policy Committee has been meeting bi-weekly to review board policies to provide a contemporary, integrated, and ongoing look at policies that govern the operations of the District.

* A Trustee Budget Committee has been meeting to revise the annual budget setting process and to work on a sustainable, long-term budget strategy.

* Two Superintendent Advisory Panels have been established so stakeholders can provide input.  The Parent Advisory Panel has met twice and the Community Advisory Panel has met once.

* I am building community partnerships with groups like the United Way around Attendance Matters and Graduation Matters and working with the Great Falls College on their strategic planning. 

* Lastly, I am sharing the Great Falls Public Schools story with service and business groups.  It is an honor to talk about the good work you are doing with and for our students.  This has included outreach to the traditional media outlets along with a strong social media presence.  Have you liked Great Falls Public Schools on Facebook yet?

I would encourage each of you to reflect on this goal as well.  Are you prudent in your use of public resources?  Are you using the resources to support educational opportunity and student success?  Have you been telling the positive stories of the District to others?

As we move into next quarter, please be assured your leadership team will continue to focus on the entire strategic plan:

Our Kids – Student Achievement–Increase student achievement for all students while closing the achievement gap.

Our Community – Stewardship and Accountability

Our Future – Healthy, Safe and Secure Schools–provide all students a healthy, safe, and secure school environment in which to learn.

I hope you took time to celebrate all of the wonderful happenings of the first 45 days of school.  Now let’s work together to make the upcoming 45 days of education even better.

Take care.  Be safe.  Stay well.