Newsbits 9-16-2013

We are off to a great start!  I must say, the first 12 days of school went so fast!  It was my pleasure spending time in each school during those 12 days.   One word sums it up:  WOW!

  • Wow, it’s been hot!  Hang in there…cool fall weather is on the way!
  • Wow, what professionals!  Procedures and routines were being established in classrooms, hallways, lunchrooms, playgrounds, libraries, and offices that will pay off the entire year.  Time well spent!
  • Wow, our students are awesome!  I saw students being respectful, helpful and responsive everywhere I went!
  • Wow, you just never know!  Who would think that sewer lines would break during the second week of school causing the renting of porta-potties?  Kudos to Lewis and Clark Elementary for handling this without missing a beat!
  • Wow, people are so proud of their schools (as they should be)!  Everyone talked to me about how wonderful their schools looked and the amazing things happening within!

Thanks to every single one of our staff members for the part you played in making the last 12 days so wonderful!  Here’s to the next 168!

Take care, be well, stay safe!