Life’s Little Reset Button

When making a visit to CMR one year ago, I noticed this:


I snapped a picture and filed it away for this article because it nails the truth. As we move into the start of the second half of the school year, we get a clean slate and special opportunities.

To be sure, the first semester made some memories. As I looked over the GFPS Facebook timeline from the first semester ( I was struck by the vast array of activities that were highlighted. It made me excited about the comprehensive program we offer our kids. It made me thankful for a myriad of community partnerships that were recognized. And it made me proud of the award-winning accomplishments that were highlighted. I also know that we have had more than a few challenges and rocky moments too. While it is interesting to look back, we cannot rest on our laurels or wallow in our sorrows. We must look ahead to this new time, to these new opportunities, to this clean slate called the 2nd semester.

It is also a good time to take stock of how we are doing. Cabinet and I will be reviewing our strategic plan to check our progress on our goals. We will begin the process for developing the 2016-2017 budget. We will continue our work with the Board and community around the facility upgrades that are so desperately needed.
We are just as excited for the second half of this year as we were for the first.

I challenge you to take advantage of this little reset as well. I challenge you to focus on being excellent in your work, on motivating yourself and others, on being tenacious when times are hard, and on positive relationships with all. The second semester is just as important as the first as we seek our mission: GFPS successfully educating students so they can navigate their futures. 90 more days to make it happen. Let’s do this!

Take care. Be safe. Stay well.