I Believe In GFPS Because….

 I Believe in GFPS Because…

  Last Wednesday and Thursday, I had the opportunity to visit all 15 elementary schools and North Middle School, where I enjoyed eating lunch with the students. I was so impressed with the enthusiasm exuded by staff and students. Everywhere I went, students were being set up for success. Teachers and recess aides were discussing procedures for their classrooms and playgrounds. Students were preparing and organizing their materials. Principals and office staff members were extending the welcome mat to all. It seemed like everyone was on their game. Everywhere I went, everyone told me that the year was off to an amazing start! Every single staff member is to be commended for conducting one of the finest openings of a school year that I have experienced! I look forward to getting out in high schools, the preschool and East Middle School this week to witness more amazing work.

  The smooth, positive and productive opening of school doesn’t just happen. It happens because our beliefs are solid, our goals are clear, the resources are in place, and we are ready to face the challenges that are before us. As I often note, it is so important that we share our commitment to excellence with our community. Please help me do that by completing the “I believe in GFPS because…” sheet that was handed out at Convocation and returning it to my office. I plan to use your words to tell our story. If you have lost yours or you weren’t at Convocation, get a new form here. I know your words will inspire me and everyone I share them with. Thanks for your help!

  By the way, I believe in GFPS because of all of you, our highly skilled and committed personnel, our greatest asset!

Take care. Be safe. Stay well.