Feeling Good About Giving

Feeling Good About Giving

November is almost here and I’m excited because it is one of my favorite months! November will bring an end to the election (thank goodness), the start of important bond and facility processes (so excited), and of course, Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday). It’s my favorite because it allows me to pause and be grateful for all I have and for all I can give others. It’s a holiday that makes me feel good in so many ways, but mostly because it allows me to give to my family and community in meaningful ways.

And this is the focus of our annual giving campaign that wraps up on November 4 as well. It allows a special way to give to others. It allows us to come together as an organization to make a difference yet again in our community. It allows us to collectively celebrate all that we have and all that we can share.

I know the forms changed this year. I know that our process has changed a bit. But what has not changed is the number of needs in our community. In fact they are increasing. This reality begs of us to do, in a different way, what we do every day…make a difference in Great Falls. Thank you for taking the time to figure out the new forms; for turning it in to your school champion; for celebrating what we have and what we can share.

It doesn’t matter how much you pledge…every single dollar will be put to good use. Thank you for making this final push to the final due date on November 4! $55,000 is the goal! We got this and it feels good!
Take care. Be safe. Stay well.