Engagement Check

Engagement Check

Today is the 18th day of the 2018-2019 school year.  The end of the week marks mid-term of the first quarter.  We are one-eighth of the way into the BEST YEAR EVER.  The presence of eager learners can be heard and seen throughout the district.  Classroom and work routines are established.  We are in the groove.

But I also know that as the realities of busy schedules and challenging work set in, so can disenchantment and weariness.  The on-going struggle of balancing heavy responsibilities is real.  It seems like a good time to step back and analyze how you are feeling about your work.  It’s time to ask an important question:  AM I ENGAGED?

As noted at Convocation and according to Gallup research, employees in every organization fall into three categories:

  1. ENGAGED EMPLOYEES work with passion and feel a profound connection with their organization, team members and goals.
  2. NON-ENGAGED EMPLOYEES are checked-out and put neither energy nor drive into their work. They get through the day doing what they need to do to stay employed.
  3. ACTIVELY DISENGAGED EMPLOYEES undermine the efforts of engaged employees and spread their misery to everyone.

While I’d like to think that GFPS only has ENGAGED employees, the research tells us otherwise: every organization has all three types of employees.

With all that in mind, I ask you to check your engagement level.  If your work behavior falls into Type 1 above, CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU!  You make up the majority of GFPS employees.  You are the engines that make our goals come true.  You are the difference-makers.  You are the “wildcards.”  You are the ones seizing every “chance” to do better and to do more.

If your work behavior falls into Type 2 or 3 as noted above, I think you have two choices: stop doing it (i.e. find another job) OR love the job you have with all your heart.  Anything less is not only harmful to GFPS, but it is also harmful to yourself.  It is unhealthy to spend hours per day being miserable.  The good news is that humans can change our thoughts which changes our behaviors which changes our outcomes.  Our brains allow us to love everything we do.  If you can’t change what you do, you can always change how you are doing it!

Our kids, our community and our future demand that you do what you do when you are at work with passion, integrity and enthusiasm.  So, to all of you engaged employees out there, I hope you are being richly rewarded with all the progress and learning that is taking place around you.  If I could, I would end each of your days with a personal pat on the back for a job well done.  To everyone else, commit to new thinking today, and tomorrow, and for each of the 162 school days, and three and half quarters ahead of us.  You have the power to take this chance to be the wildcard, to live this life, to start with yes instead of no…to make it the best year ever!

Take care.  Be safe.  Stay well.