Choosing the Daily Weather

Choosing the Daily Weather 

I’ve been hearing that things seem to be tense out there.  I must admit that some of the parents and community members I have had conversations with in the last several weeks have been less than pleasant…tense is probably a good word to use to describe the conversations.  I have a theory about what might be causing the seeming lack of civility, tenseness and downright grumpiness:  the Presidential election.

It seems that everywhere we turn there are media stories about nasty things the candidates are saying about each other, the other party, our current President, the American people, the immigrants, the economy, Meghan Kelly, women, men…you name it.  Nastiness seems to be what gets people’s attention these days as they vie for votes.  Unfortunately, this kind of behavior can be contagious.  Inappropriate behavior is being modeled by our potential leaders and because humans are humans, we start emulating what we hear and see.  I’m afraid how things are going to be by November if we don’t rise above our human tendencies and end grumpiness.

If we let grumpiness be the attitude of the day, I can only imagine how many potentially inspirational moments, outstanding results and satisfying connections and relationships we miss as a result. As I said in my very first Convocation message, the cool thing about being human is that we can choose our daily weather.  In other words, we can choose our attitude.  For me, I try to remember these things as I combat grumpiness by adjusting my attitude:

  • Be a grown-up. I can control my thoughts, my words and my actions.
  • Take the high road.  I will fight the urge to emulate grumpy uncivil behavior.
  • Think about others…it’s not all about me.  I’m here to make good things happen for our kids, our community and our future.
  • Check my routines.  When my healthy eating, exercising and sleeping routines get out of whack, grumpiness can set in.

I have no research to support my theory about the cause of grumpiness I mentioned above, nor about how to combat it.  With that being said however, I hope we can ensure that we are our very best selves when we work with students; that we choose only the best daily weather. They deserve nothing less.

Take care. Be safe.  Stay well.