It’s the last week of school for our seniors. They will be graduating this coming weekend: CMR on Saturday in the CMR Fieldhouse, 7:00 pm; GFHS on Sunday in the GFHS Fieldhouse, 7:00 pm; and PGEC next Tuesday in the PGEC Cafeteria, 6:30 pm. It is such an exciting time for the graduates and their families. It is a time of celebration for them and it should be for GFPS as well. For a school district, graduation is like the final exam. It culminates an entire body of work: 13 years of educational opportunity for our students. 13 years of curriculum, instruction, assessment, technology, and educational opportunities with one goal in mind: Graduation Day. 13 years of countless individuals teaching, supporting, assisting and educating these students. As I present the graduates at commencement, I will ask them to stand and applaud the people that made this day happen for them. I hope they think of every teacher, administrator, secretary, aide, food server, engineer, paraeducator, technology specialist, warehouse driver, crossing guard and tax payer that helped them a little or a lot over the years. I hope they understand that so many of you have been the wind beneath their wings and that we are so excited for them as they journey into the great big real world. Yes, this is a time of celebration for them and for us. Thank you for the part each of you played as we celebrate the Class of 2014. And we will continue to do our good work because, ready or not, the Class of 2027 just registered for kindergarten! Lots more celebrating to come!

Take care. Stay safe. Be well.