Bridge to the Future


Keeping with my belief that gratitude is probably the single most important thing we can give, please join me in saying a huge THANK YOU to our community for the passage of the levy:

When: WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 4:30-5:30ish…this time will reach people going home from work
Where: Pick one…Central Ave. W. Bridge or 10th Ave. S. (Warden) Bridge. We would like to line the bridges with people.
• For the Central Ave. Bridge, you can park on both ends…in the courthouse parking lot to the west, or the Civic Center parking lot by the new Pacific Steel building.
• For 10th Ave. S., you can park at the Visitor Center or at the DOB (you can walk down the hill from the west DOB parking lot…there’s a path). The south side of the bridge has a narrow sidewalk to stand on and is not separated from traffic. The north side provides ample space and protection. This is probably the best side to stand on but will require crossing 10th Ave. S. at the provided crosswalks.
Who: As many staff members as we can get in both places!
What else: Bring a sign that says “GFPS thanks Great Falls”…or something similar. Feel free to wear your school logo-wear. Please be careful of traffic.

It occurred to me over the weekend that this event will be a great metaphor for what just happened. I have been told all week that the passage of the levy is hopefully a turning point for our community. Our event on Wednesday will symbolize a bridge to the future! Thank you for taking the time to appreciate our community…if we don’t love Great Falls, no one else will!

Take care. Stay safe. Be well.