A Heartfelt Thank You

A Heartfelt Thank You

Across our country, the first full week of May is set aside for Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week. One week to thank all of you for what you do for our kids, our community and our future. It’s really not enough because I know our staff members work miracles.

All too often our students look to you to provide life basics like clothes, food, and other supplies. I also know they look to all of you for consistency, understanding, compassion and love. And as committed, faithful, and inspired staff members, you give it to them. You give them comfort and care so they can feel safe, and when kids feel safe, they can and will learn. I know you give your hearts and souls to your work.

I also know that education isn’t just about teaching lessons, correcting papers and reporting out grades. Education isn’t about school buildings, lunch menus, and recess rules. Education is about something so much bigger and so much more important. Education is about wanting to make tomorrow better. It’s a game changer, a door-opener because it levels the playing field for all. It makes all things possible. It provides hope not just for the individual student, but for society as a whole. You have tremendous responsibilities and it makes me so proud that day in and day out, you fulfill them.

I also want to thank the current members of the GFPS Board of Trustees. The only agenda of our current Trustees has been to support GFPS in our continuous improvement efforts. I am thankful for that commitment every single day. Tomorrow is Election Day. If you haven’t taken the time to vote, please do. Your vote is really one way to show appreciation to the citizens who want to serve their community in this way.

To all of you and for all of this and more, please accept my most heartfelt and sincere, “THANK YOU!” I hope you are thanked by many others this week and for the other 51 weeks of the year as well.

Take care. Stay safe. Be well.