64 Hours

64 Hours

I came across this quote on Facebook this Saturday morning, “64 hours is a long time to go without the positive affirmations of a caring adult. By Monday morning, many of our students will have done just that. On Monday morning, don’t let another hour pass…”

This really caught my attention as I have been thinking a lot lately about what the home life of some of our students must be like. I have been trying to understand what it must be like to live in constant adversity. I have been trying to understand the kinds of hardships our families and their children are faced with daily. I believe this is a community issue and one that we cannot fix alone. I also believe, however, that the time students spend in school should be a refuge from trauma. At school, they should be noticed, supported and safe.

As students come back today, I hope we can do what the quote above asks us to do. It says, “Let them know, “I see you.”” I know we can do even better than that. I know we can let them know that we are glad to see them.

As we send our students off on Friday to 10 days without the sanctity of school, some of our students need to hear that you will be there for them when they get back. Those words may be the last positive thing they hear for 256 hours. May those words be good ones.

This is an interesting article about trauma and its effects on young children. It’s worth the read. http://consumer.healthday.com/kids-health-information-23/child-development-news-124/kindergarteners-with-traumatic-life-experiences-struggle-more-in-school-706990.html

Take care. Be safe. Stay well…and enjoy spring break if you get one!