September 18, 2017

It’s Constitution Week

Constitution Day 2017
Whereas, September 17, 2017 marks the two hundred and thirtieth anniversary of the drafting of the Constitution of the United States of America by the Constitutional Convention; and
Whereas, it is fitting and proper to officially recognize this magnificent document and the anniversary of its creation; and
Whereas, it is fitting and proper to officially recognize the patriotic celebrations which will commemorate the occasion; and
Whereas, public law guarantees that public schools Educate, Commemorate, and Celebrate the importance of the U.S. Constitution;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: Great Falls Public Schools hereby proclaims Monday, September 18, 2017 to be CONSTITUTION DAY and we ask our students and staff to reaffirm the ideals the framers of the Constitution had in 1787.

Congratulations to Brooke Knowles

Thanks to the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR), Lincoln kindergarten teacher Brooke Knowles has been awarded the Helen Pouch Memorial $500 Classroom Grant!  The project submitted by Ms. Knowles will address student reading proficiency, fluency, and confidence by purchasing children’s books to send home with students in reusable take-home folders.
This grant was announced in the March 13, 20 & 27 Newsbits last year. This grant opportunity will be offered again for 2018 thanks to our local DAR contact, the Black Eagle-Assiniboine Chapter so be thinking of a possible project that could make your classroom eligible.
Congratulations, Brooke Knowles!

Flu Shots, October, 2017

2017 Benefis Flu Shot Schedule
Great Falls Public Schools is again offering free flu shots for all employees and spouses of district employees.  (You do not have to carry insurance to be eligible for the free flu shot.) Please note the below listed dates and times.  Shots are not available for children at these times/dates.

Please RSVP to 268-6010.