May 28, 2019

BRAVOS to Special Olympics Supporters

Thank you from Special Olympics Montana

From Rhonda McCarty, Special Olympics Montana Chief Operating Officer:

On behalf of Special Olympics, I want to pass on my sincerest appreciation to the GFPS team for their all- out AWESOMENESS in support of the Games. Many thoughts of appreciation cross my mind!

Contracts| Insurance| Schedules | Equipment

  • Bravos to Brian Patrick, Mike Henneberg and Lisa Henry for working through the extensive logistics necessary for an event the size of State Summer Games.

Buildings and Grounds

  • Bravos to Shaun Hammatt and Brent Cutler for going out of their normal scope of duties to make our event work.

Opening Ceremony/ Team BBQ/ Athletics

  • Bravos to the CMR bunch who welcomed Opening Ceremony, Team BBQ and Athletics.  Thanks to; Kerry Parsons for opening the door;  Nate Achenbach for working through extensive planning  details;  Alan Burley & Roger Hanna (along with their team) for their attentiveness to set-up and take-down; Lindsey Gustafson who organized chair set-up and take-down and involved her Softball Team; CMR’s Stagecraft Class, Football Team, Drum Line and Cheerleaders; Josy McLean who served on our planning committee; Pam Underwood who coaches a local team; Erica Davis who coordinated student volunteers; and, Dave Smalley and Krystina Thiel-Smalley who came over from Great Falls High to help with Opening Ceremony.

Adopt- A- Team

  • This is the second year Jamie McGraw has served on our Games Management Team as the school liaison.  Bravos to Jamie who coordinated GFPS in Adopt-A-Team.  Stories upon stories of positive partnerships about schools promoting inclusion are circulating through the community.

Closing Ceremony/Athletics/Swimming

  • The GFH bunch stepped up in a big way! Thanks to; Heather Hoyer for opening the door; Brian Held for working through extensive planning details; Becky Nelson who took the lead in planning Closing Ceremony; Dusty Molyneaux who coordinated music; Dan Brady & Darren Brown who took the lead with Athletics;  Bob Stingley and his student life guards who managed swimming; the entire GFH Engineer team who stepped up in the nicest way; and, finally, Kathy Wanner and Mary Beth Tolan who coach the district team!

Bocce/Olympic Village

  • Bravos to Drew Uecker and Team who made bocce and Olympic Village possible. Aside from the general details of organizing the events, I couldn’t be more grateful for Drew who was attentive and concerned in helping us handle in a responsible way a contentious situation.

Retired Teachers/Administrators

  • Even more bravos to a BIG group of GFPS retirees who came out to volunteer throughout the Games!

Year-round Ongoing Support

  • Bravos to Ruth, Dale, Tom, and you Tammy who continue to be our year-round Champions!


We apologize if anyone was missed in the list above.  Thank you to ALL volunteers and supporters who made the 2019 Special Olympics Summer Games a success!

In-District Teacher Transfer Information

Current In-District teaching openings were posted on Friday, May 24, 2019 and close today, Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 5:00 p.m

Any teacher currently employed with the District may apply for these positions. 

Check the on-line application system (Applitrack Link To In-District Job Postingsfor a full list of all current in-district teacher job openings.

If you are interested in applying for any of these openings please hand-deliver your
In-District Transfer Form to the Human Resources Office by the deadline.  You may obtain the form(s) in any school office and one form must be completed for each position for which you are applying.

Please contact your building administrator or the Human Resources Department if you have any questions.

Please be reminded that once a teacher accepts a position via the transfer process, that teacher cannot apply for another transfer position that year.

Longevity Awards & Retirees

On May 22, 2019, the Retirement/Longevity Reception was held honoring those individuals with 25, 30, and 35 years of service.  Those individuals who retired during the year or are retiring at the end of this school year were also recognized.  All of these individuals are mentioned below.

25 years
Julie Anderson, Tom Balyeat, Sara Barker, Michelle Brown, Brent Cutler, Joan Dailey, Teri Forde, Tammy Good, Bobby Ingalls, Karin Langbehn, Michael Lathrop, Deborah Lins, Diane Logan, Jonathan Logan, Janice Lorang, Brian Maki, Bob McGregor, Elizabeth McWilliams, Tracy Milton, Jerry Olson, Shelley O’Rourke, Kerry Otto, Kerry Parsons, Derik Senger, Tammie Siller, Corri Smith, Elizabeth Spragg, Robert Truax, Kathy Van Tighem, and Lisa Von Bergen.

30 years
Cory Arps, Mike Arps, Dennis Hogan, Jerry Sidor, Jetta Slater, and Krystina Thiel-Smalley.

35 years
Garth Gabriel, Sheree McKinley, and Lisa Shull.

Honored Retirees
Mike Arps, Toni Bender, Sandra Brown, Anne Bulger, Barbara Butcher, Eileen Clark, Esther Conder, Lynn Coons, Billie Cotton, Terri Dahl, Kim Fadrhonc, Catherine Gabriel, Martha Griessmer, Bonnie Haman, Mary Ann Hamilton, Lawrence Hewitt, Bruce Hilbig, John Hoenjet, Loretta Hoff, Tammy Huschka, Heidi Kaululaau, Gary Kolve, Julee Kranz, Catherine Kuntz, Tammy Lacey, Shelli Lavinder-Schwalk, Ruth Lorang, Marjie McClellan, Carole McKittrick, Michelle Meredith, Rhonda Moore, Randy Remsen, Pat Rice, Elizabeth Rogstad, Katherine Sabo, Louise Saltz, Gladys Schuff, William Schulte, Maureen Scott, Vicki Selin, Stephanie Skaer, Kimberly Smith, Lyall Tesch, Kathy Tesch, Michael Torio, Robert Truax, Lorene Vogl, Mary Warner, Dan Wilkins, Lora Williams, and Wen XI.

Former Trustees Ann Janikula and Laura Vukasin were also recognized for their service as School Board Members.

Elementary Speech Meet Results

yellow figure holding a piece of paperThe All-City Elementary speech meet was a huge success thanks to the 106 student participants and their families, twenty-eight volunteer judges from the community and both high school speech/debate teams, and three ECS teachers. Students in grades four, five and six from nearly all elementary schools put their public speaking skills on display in the best way imaginable. The competition was strong, with many judges commenting on the quality of the speakers. Please give all of those who competed a “pat on the back” for a job well done. In addition, a special thank you to the World Strides club for concessions, ECS teachers, classroom teachers, and principals without whose support this event would not be possible. Below are the finalists and their school affiliations.

4th grade Expository
1st – Nathan Hodson (Sacajawea)
2nd – Thaymen Rolfsmeyer (Morningside)
3rd – Seth Woldtvedt (Lewis and Clark)
4th – Jacoby Grealish (Sacajawea)
5th – Emma Rieger (Lincoln)
6th – Ethan Larson (Meadowlark)
7th – Keilee Edwards (Meadowlark)
8th – Aeris Stewart (Lewis and Clark)

5th grade Oratory
1st – Evie Connell (Sacajawea)
2nd – Margo Neilson (Lewis and Clark)
3rd – Holly Suden (Sacajawea)
4th – Anna Stoddard (Meadowlark)
5th – Elliana Frank (Morningside)
6th – Jovi Street (Meadowlark)
7th – Ashley Little (Morninside)
8th – Reyna Guillen (Loy)

6th  grade Impromptu
  1st – Luke Aakre (Lewis and Clark)
2nd – Meredith Trunkle (Lincoln)
3rd – Kittalla Wise (Sacajawea)
4th – Hailey Post (Meadowlark)
5th – Brooklyn Lorenz (Giant Springs)
6th – Ethan Geagel (Giant Springs)
7th – Harlee Barrow (Lewis and Clark)
8th – Abigale Lawson (Giant Springs)

Fall Print and Graphic Orders for the 2019-2020 School Year are Now Being Accepted Via Hard-Copy

All Fall orders need to be titled as “Fall” for the due date. That is for both the Print Center orders and Graphic orders.  Please be sure to fill in the work request number and keep the pink copy for your records.  That is how we are able to track any missing orders in the fall.

Please try to prepare for the new school year early so we can get your orders completed on time.

Fall Print orders CAN NOT be submitted electronically (with the exception of GFHS and CMR). With having such a high volume of orders for the fall, we do not want to risk any orders being lost in the system. If you have any questions or concerns please call 268-6059.

Fall Graphic orders in which you would like us to make your posters, can be e-mailed to  Your e-mail should include the graphics order form with clear detailed instructions and the PDF you want enlarged if you have one.  Please put “FALL” in the subject line, so that we are aware of when they are due without opening the document.

Save the Date – Open Enrollment Schedule for 2019-2020

Insurance meeting start Wednesday, August 21, 2019.  The complete schedule can be found on the Human Resources Benefit Information webpage.

Summer Read 6_Full Schedule


MIET Registration Open for the 2019 Tech Days

The Montana Institute on Educational Technology (MIET) has opened registration for the 2019 MIET Tech Days. Great Falls Public Schools staff can attend for free this year; however, there is limited seating up to 150 GFPS staff members. To register and reserve your spot for this District-Directed (DD) PIR option, sign up in PIR eCentral. No other registration or forms are required. For additional information, please visit the MIET website.

C.M. Russell High School’s 2019 Retirement Tea

Charles M. Russell High School logos with skull in the centerYou are cordially invited to
C.M.Russell High School ‘s
2019 Retirement Tea
May 29th ~ 2:40p.m. ~ CMR Cafeteria
Honoring Anne Bulger, Terri Dahl, Lori Hoff, Joan Karls, Rhonda Moore, and Betsy Rogstad for their years of dedication and service to the students of CMR.

Retirement Celebration for Tammy Lacey