May 26, 2020

Round 8: In-District Transfers


To see the full list of In-District teacher position openings,
go to the on-line application system website at (
on or after May 22, 2020.


PIR Registration 2020-2021

To All Certified Staff:

PIR registration for the 2020-21 school year begins at 6 AM on Monday, May 4. It is highly suggested to register as soon as possible. The complete list of available courses can be found here:

To fulfill the 187 day contract, each teacher needs six DD PIR credits and 12 more credits that are flexible (additional DD credits or just plain PIR credits.) These credits are taken outside the duty day and/or contract year because they are traded for two (MEA) days off in mid-October and one day off on MLK Day.

There are some changes on the PIR options. More details on the latest 2020-2021 District Directed PIR Options here.  


American Indian Title VI Survey


Retirement and Longevity Awards

Retirement and Longevity Awards


Emergency Childcare for Workers 2020

For any parent who has to go back to work. But space is limited.

Emergency Childcare for Workers

Angels In Action
 Angels In Action

Learn more about Angels In Action here.
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