February 26, 2018

Call for PIR Facilitators for the 2018-2019 School Year

Details about 2018-2019 PIR Proposals:
  • The date range is June 2, 2018 – April 30, 2019 (priority will be given to those proposals that take place during first semester).
  • All forms are due by Friday, March 2, 2018.
  • Please be sure to avoid the DD dates (June 14 & Aug 21), any holidays, MEA days, and Wednesdays when scheduling your dates.
  • PIR Sessions can be done as a single 6-hour session, two 3-hour sessions, or three 2-hour sessions.
Some areas of professional development need are as follows:
ELL And Vocabulary
Strategies for non-medicated students with ADD
Strategies to increase families’ participation in their child’s learning
Teaching students in poverty and transients
Any specialized content area
If you are interested in facilitating or co-facilitating a PIR offering, please use this worksheet to be sure you have all of the information you need. The link to the actual form is at the bottom of the worksheet.
For more information about PIR Facilitator Obligations and Pay, please visit the following link: http://gfps.k12.mt.us/content/pir-help


Communication with Parents of English Learners

Are you planning Parent-Teacher conferences, Home Visits, or other communication with parents of English Learners?

Please call us to schedule Title III funded interpreters to ensure effective communication.

Please contact Carol Paul at 6779 at least 1 week before the conference so that our interpreters can make arrangements to be with you. We have employed interpreters of Spanish, German, and Greek.

If you know adults who speak English and Tagalog, Vietnamese, or Japanese, we would like to hire interpreters in those languages, as well; please encourage them to contact Carol or apply on AppliTrack.



The STEAM TEAM is requesting kind, science-minded people to listen to and analyze student Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) projects. The 200+ student projects, ranging from grades K-12, have been fascinating in the past and, we are sure, will be again this year. We need YOU to come to the Expo and hear students share their findings. Judging is based on a simple rubric using hand-held devices. Training and tips, as well as lunch and snacks, will be provided to make your judging experience more enjoyable.  Please consider supporting these fantastic students and future innovators.

Who: YOU (Approximately 90 judges needed)

What: STEAM EXPO Judging, A Fantastic Celebration of Student Learning and Effort

When: March 24th, 2018 from 9:00-11:30 (Lunch and Snacks provided)

Where: Great Falls High School Swarthout Fieldhouse

Why: To analyze and celebrate student learning in the STEAM Fields

How: Email jeff_rieger@gfps.k12.mt.us or call Jeff at 268-7402 to sign up for judging