April 9, 2018



My Asks of Staff

At the informational meetings for staff, I asked you to do the following:

  • Become educated as to the details of the levy request;
  • Communicate the facts of the levy to your family, friends and neighbors;
  • Return your ballot on or before May 8 after you receive it on April 24; and
  • Remind your family, friends and neighbors to return theirs too!

Informational Website

In order to assist you in accomplishing these tasks, the website about the levy has the information you need to share with others.  Be sure to check it out:  https://gfps.k12.mt.us/2018-operational-levy-information/.

Community Informational Meetings

As you to share the information about the Operational Levy with your friends and neighbors, be sure to invite them to one of two community informational meetings to be held:

Monday, April 16 at noon or 6 pm at Paris Gibson Education Center in the Cafeteria

I’ll be presenting information and answering questions.

Trustee Filings

For the two-year term:  Barb Going, Jacob Griffith, and Kim Skornogoski (currently holds this seat)

For the three-year term:  Teresa Schreiner, Judy Tankink, and Laura Wight

Levy Information At-a-Glance

  • As the investment is spread across all property in our community, it will cost approximately less than $20 per year or $1.66 per month for the average homeowner.
  • The passage of the levy will prevent additional deep reductions to teaching staff and educational programs.
  • GFPS has only passed an operational levy twice in the last ten years.
  • The passage of this levy will keep programs in place so students can have the same opportunities as the GFPS students who have come before them, and also maintain their competitiveness with the other AA Montana districts.
  • The proceeds from the Bond passed in 2016 cannot be used to pay for teaching staff and educational programs. Bonds are for buildings; levies are for learning.

Community. Unity. Opportunity.


Montana State University Northern logo

Graduate Studies Information Sessions

Masters of Science, Education Instruction and Learning

Masters of Education, Counselor Education

Wednesday, April 11th

Fort Benton High School – Library – 12:20 p.m. – 1:15 p.m.

 MSU Great Falls College – Room R278 – 7:00 – 8:30 p.m

Picture of MSU Northern CampusThese sessions are being conducted to share information about the innovative offerings of two Northern Graduate programs (Instruction and Learning & Counselor Education). Instruction and Learning courses are delivered online with one face-to-face weekend residency (Saturday and Sunday) each fall and spring semester on the MSU-Northern campus. Counselor Education courses are delivered face-to-face intensive weekends (Friday evening and Saturday). A face-to-face orientation session will be held on campus August 25th and 26th, prior to fall semester. These cohort delivery models for both programs are designed to provide affordable, and accessible graduate programs. The Instruction and Learning program is designed to improve instruction in your respective learning environments. The Counselor Education program prepares you for school counseling and/or licensed professional counselor.

Dr. Curtis Smeby will be in attendance at the information session to meet with interested candidates. Financial Aid information will also be available at the meeting.  For further information, call the Graduate Studies office at 1-800-662-6132 Ext. 3738 or Dr. Smeby at Ext. 3517.


“Earth Science & Me”
A Teachers Workshop


When: July 9 – 12, 2018
Where:  Heck/Quaw Elementary School
Location:. Belgrade, MT
Instructors: Doug Scott & Dave Scott (professional geologists)

  • Designed for All Teachers! 2 ½ classroom days with “Hands-On” Mining & Geology activities, a 1-day Field Trip to a talc mine, & a ½ day field trip to a talc mill
  • What you get: Activity Notebooks; Posters; PowerPoint Presentations; Minerals, Ores, Sedimentary rocks, Metamorphic rocks, & Igneous rocks; Door Prizes; Continental breakfast (2 days);  Refreshments (4 days); & Lunches (3 days)
  • Re-certification Credits: 2.0 semester hours ($155): Course number: ERTH 588-50 (MSU); Tuition: $60.00 per teacher (checks payable to DST & Associates)
  • Curriculum – Why minerals are important; The Rock Cycle; How to identify a mineral; How to identify a sedimentary rock; How to identify a metamorphic rock; How to identify an igneous rock; How to identify an ore; The basics of plate tectonics; Essential Montana Geology Fundamentals; How geologists explore for ore; Why is coal important; The cost of mining; Why the ground shakes; The basics of volcanoes; How to make and read a map; GEOPARDY; & 1 ½ days of field trips!

No Refunds after June 15, 2018


Cut here and return bottom portion:


Earth Science & Me Workshop Registration Form   ($60.00 Tuition Fee due with registration)


Workshop location: Heck/Quaw Elementary, Belgrade, MT     Dates: July 9-12, 2018

First Name:
Last Name:
City, State, Zip:
Home Telephone:

Email address:
Tee Shirt size:  S   M   L   XL   XXL    (Circle one)

Mail registration and a $60.00 check to: DST & Associates  14293 W. Baltic Ave.  Lakewood, CO 80228
Questions?   Call 509.270.0997

Montana Retired Educators Association



$1000 Scholarship

Who is Eligible?  An active Montana teacher who is currently in, or has been accepted in a university graduate program working towards a higher degree in the field of education.

How to Apply?  Request an application from MREA.




1722 Montana Ave
Black Eagle, MT  59414

Submission deadline is May 1, 2018


April, the Month of the Military Child, is set aside to recognize and honor the commitment, contributions and sacrifices military children and youth make to the nation through the strength they provide our soldiers and their families. On Friday, April 13, GFPS is celebrating Purple Up Day.  Please wear purple as a way to thank, honor, and recognize the many contributions of our military students. Why purple? Purple is the color that symbolizes all branches of the military, as it is the combination of Army green, Coast Guard blue, Air Force blue, Marine red and Navy blue.

Purple Up! for military kids


Autism awareness ribbon


April is Autism Awareness Month

As our community seeks to increase our understanding and acceptance of friends and neighbors with autism, you are invited to a free viewing of “Neurotypical,” a PBS documentary, on April 24, 6:30-7:30 at the CMR Bill Williamson Auditorium.  For more information, click here:  www.FriendsOfAutismGF.blogspot.com (be sure to scroll down).

A little Understanding
goes a long way.

Understand people with Autism are:

  • unique individuals and are not all alike.
  • NOT born with “natural” social skills (like smiling, eye contact, etc).
  • bothered by normal sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touches that may feel like hostile attacks.
  • mistaken as being rude or having a tantrum but are really just reacting to a perceived threat.
  • easily stressed by any change in environment or routine
  • sometimes not able to make sense of words.
  • prone to get “stuck” in their thoughts and cannot “let it go”.
  • living with a great number of difficult challenges.

Be patient and kind!
These are generalities that affect each person in varying degrees.

In-District Teacher Transfer Information

Current openings are posted today, Monday, April 9, 2018 and will close on Friday, April 13, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.

Check the on-line application system (Applitrack Link To In-District Job Postingsfor a list of all current in-district teacher job openings.  

If you are interested in applying for these openings please hand-deliver your In-District Transfer Form to the Human Resources Office to meet the deadline.

Please be reminded that once a teacher accepts a position via the transfer process, that teacher cannot apply for another transfer position that year.

Looking for something new?

Looking to continue your career in education?

Have you thought about being a special education teacher?

GFPS/Student Services currently has openings for elementary and middle school resource, self-contained, and behaviors support classrooms

So, what is in it for you?

If you hold a teaching degree you can apply for a class five (5) provisional license. With this in hand you can apply for positions as a special education teacher.

 The catch is, you have to go back to school.

The benefit is, if you current hold a Bachelor’s Degree, you can apply to a Master’s program, take the special education core classes, pick up the additional Master’s core classes and earn your master’s degree, moving on the salary schedule!

As a bonus, the Student Services Department has funds to provide a little help with the cost of your education. The student services department will provide $1,000 per semester for the first your of your program, $750 per semester in the second year, and $500 per semester in the third year to help you offset the costs. And, as noted before, you are moving on the salary schedule at the same time!

The catch?

For every year you receive funding support you are required to spend an additional year teaching in a special education classroom

The benefit?

You have enhanced your employability, you have increased your career earnings, you get to make a difference in the lives of children and youth, and you get to work with a great group of people!


Look at the current openings for GFPS.  Because you are not currently endorsed in special education you will need to look at positions posted out of district. Talk to the Student Services Department at GFPS, 268-6775, or talk to the Human Resources about this possibility!

Communication with Parents of English Learners

Are you planning Parent-Teacher conferences, Home Visits, or other communication with parents of English Learners?

Please call us to schedule Title III funded interpreters to ensure effective communication.

Please contact Carol Paul at 6779 at least 1 week before the conference so that our interpreters can make arrangements to be with you. We have employed interpreters of Spanish, German, and Greek.

If you know adults who speak English and Tagalog, Vietnamese, or Japanese, we would like to hire interpreters in those languages, as well;  please encourage them to contact Carol or apply on AppliTrack.

National Board Certification

  • Strong Professional Development
  • Recognizing the many demands on teachers’ time, the certification process is designed to be flexible, efficient and affordable
  • Interested in learning more?

Please join us for an informational meeting to see if National Boards is right for you!

  • When: Thursday, April 12th from 4:15-5
  • Where: Mountain View Elementary Library (3420 15th Ave S.)
  • What: This will be an informational introduction to the certification process.  We will address Why certify? How does one certify? What is the process? The cost? The local support available in our district? What is Jumpstart?
  • Light snacks will be provided.

Have questions or need more information?  Please contact Amy Konen at 268-7314 or amy_konen@gfps.k12.mt.us  or Londa Hart at 268-6693  or londa_hart@gfps.k12.mt.us

Please consider joining us and finding out if National Boards is the right choice for you!  See you then!

Great Falls College logo, GFPS logo, MIET Tech Days logo

Announcing MIET 2018 Registration
Registration for MIET 2018 Tech Days is now open!

Early Bird Price is $110 if registered by May 18, 2018

Groups of 5 or more can register at $100 each, if registered by May 18, 2018

Be sure to check the posted schedule to see session topics.
Also be watching for session spotlights to get more information about specific topics.

College credits are available for an additional cost.

Check out our website!

To All Certified Staff

PIR registration for the 2018-19 school year opened on April 2. Our office will make the first cuts to PIR classes on May 15th due to low enrollment. If you haven’t registered yet, today would be a good day!

To fulfill the 187 day contract, each teacher needs six DD PIR credits and 12 more credits that are flexible (additional DD credits or just plain PIR credits.) These credits are taken outside the duty day and/or contract year because they are traded for two (MEA) days off in mid-October and one day off on MLK Day.

The four DD options are:

  • June 12-13 MIET
  • June 14 Weston Kieschnick (Bold School)
  • August 21 Weston Kieschnick (Bold School)
  • September 1-October 31 online Moodle Course (self-paced to be done sometime in the two-month window)

Beyond the traditional PIR eCentral catalog offerings, summer options for the other 12 flexible credits are:

  • June 12 and 13 Elementary and Student Services PIR Summit
  • August 22 and 23 Elementary and Student Services PIR Summit
  • August 22 and 23 Secondary PIR Summit

Click here for information about how to use PIR eCentral.

Click here to register.

Safety Starts With You

Safe Schools Online Safety Training $50.00 Card Drawing Winners

Teresa Dower- East Middle School

Anjie Altshwager- Skyline

Kim Sangray- Chief Joseph

Rachel Wurz- Skyline

Dustin Ashby- Great Falls High School

GFPS/InterTRIBAL STRONG/Indian Education Department 


Annual Youth Pow Wow

@ Expo Park, Exhibition Hall  

Saturday, May 12th 

1:00 pm to 8:00 pm 

Grand Entries @ 1:00 and 6:00 pm 

Elders Feed 4:00 pm 

Contest Dancing; Tiny Tot, Juniors, Teens, Adult and Golden Age Categories

  InterTribal, Clown, Potato and other Fun dances!!! 

Art, craft and traditionally made items from many vendors!! 

Everyone is welcome!!