April 3, 2018

 You're Invited

In conjunction with Great Falls Public Schools and United Way, the Community Health Care Center is hosting an open house and ribbon cutting event at the new school-based health center. Come see the new Community Health Care Center location at Paris Gibson Education Center and meet the staff!

When: Wednesday April 4th at 10:30 a.m.
Where: Paris Gibson Education Center Room 118

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Be a part of democracy by voting in the upcoming school election.  The ballot will include votes on an operational levy for the general funds as well as the selection of two (2) Trustees. The City is also running a Park Levy on the ballot.  It will once again be a mail-in ballot but you won’t get a ballot unless you are registered to vote! Check this out:

  • If you didn’t vote in the last federal election you are not considered an active voter and you will not receive a ballot by mail.
  • You can check your registration status at: https://app.mt.gov/voterinfo/
  • You can access the voter register application at http://sos.mt.gov/portals/142/Elections/documents/Officials/Voter-Registration-Application.pdf. You need to fill it out, print it and either mail it or drop it off at the Cascade County Elections Office.
  • Registration deadline is TUESDAY, APRIL 3, 2018.
  • Jury pools are no longer selected by using voter lists.
  • One GFPS Belief Statement says: A well-educated community is the foundation of our democracy.



“Earth Science & Me”
A Teachers Workshop


When: July 9 – 12, 2018
Where:  Heck/Quaw Elementary School
Location:. Belgrade, MT
Instructors: Doug Scott & Dave Scott (professional geologists)

  • Designed for All Teachers! 2 ½ classroom days with “Hands-On” Mining & Geology activities, a 1-day Field Trip to a talc mine, & a ½ day field trip to a talc mill
  • What you get: Activity Notebooks; Posters; PowerPoint Presentations; Minerals, Ores, Sedimentary rocks, Metamorphic rocks, & Igneous rocks; Door Prizes; Continental breakfast (2 days);  Refreshments (4 days); & Lunches (3 days)
  • Re-certification Credits: 2.0 semester hours ($155): Course number: ERTH 588-50 (MSU); Tuition: $60.00 per teacher (checks payable to DST & Associates)
  • Curriculum – Why minerals are important; The Rock Cycle; How to identify a mineral; How to identify a sedimentary rock; How to identify a metamorphic rock; How to identify an igneous rock; How to identify an ore; The basics of plate tectonics; Essential Montana Geology Fundamentals; How geologists explore for ore; Why is coal important; The cost of mining; Why the ground shakes; The basics of volcanoes; How to make and read a map; GEOPARDY; & 1 ½ days of field trips!

No Refunds after June 15, 2018


Cut here and return bottom portion:


Earth Science & Me Workshop Registration Form   ($60.00 Tuition Fee due with registration)


Workshop location: Heck/Quaw Elementary, Belgrade, MT     Dates: July 9-12, 2018

First Name:
Last Name:
City, State, Zip:
Home Telephone:

Email address:
Tee Shirt size:  S   M   L   XL   XXL    (Circle one)

Mail registration and a $60.00 check to: DST & Associates  14293 W. Baltic Ave.  Lakewood, CO 80228
Questions?   Call 509.270.0997

Montana Retired Educators Association



$1000 Scholarship

Who is Eligible?  An active Montana teacher who is currently in, or has been accepted in a university graduate program working towards a higher degree in the field of education.

How to Apply?  Request an application from MREA.




1722 Montana Ave
Black Eagle, MT  59414

Submission deadline is May 1, 2018

Apartment for Rent

If you are looking for a spacious one bedroom/one bath apartment with washer/dryer hook-ups, the district has one available.  The main floor apartment in the Victorian house located at 824 4th Avenue North (close to Whittier Elementary School) is now open.  If you would like more information or to see this rental, contact Brian Patrick, Director of Business Operations at 268-6050 or via e-mail at brian_patrick@gfps.k12.mt.us.

In-District Teacher Transfer Information

Current openings were posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 and will close TOMORROW on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.

Check the on-line application system (Applitrack Link To In-District Job Postingsfor a list of all current in-district teacher job openings.  

If you are interested in applying for these openings please hand-deliver your In-District Transfer Form to the Human Resources Office to meet the deadline.

Please be reminded that once a teacher accepts a position via the transfer process, that teacher cannot apply for another transfer position that year.

Available Through the School Year
Tuesday & Thursday:  7:00 – 8:00 pm
Classes held at Great Falls High Pool (19th Street & 5th Avenue S)
FREE to all GFPS faculty and staff and open to the public at a cost of $60 for each session.
GFPS faculty and staff need to register with Kim Fadrhonc at 268-6051.
This is a great NO IMPACT, fun exercise class.  No particular swimming skills required.
For questions, contact Bob Stingley at 268-6281 or bob_stingley@gfps.k12.mt.us

STEAM logo

STEAM 2018

WHAT AN EVENT! The work of many hands across Great Falls Public Schools made light work to execute another superb STEAM EXPO on Saturday, March 24, 2018. Two-hundred fifty-two students from each of the fifteen GFPS elementary schools and both middle schools came together to present one hundred seventy projects. Some students were inventors, some were researchers, some were engineers, some were scientists, but all were successful. The overall average student score was 29 out of 32 points on our rubric. This rubric assessed students on their booth design, creativity, innovation, communication skills, technology use, research skills, inquiry ability, and project impact. Twenty-one exceptional student projects scored perfect scores, 32 of 32, against the rubric. How amazing is that!

All of these outstanding projects would have no score had it not been for volunteer judges who gave up part of their weekend to interact with kindergarten through eighth grade students out of the goodness of their hearts. Retirees, classroom teachers, doctors, business owners, and even Miss Montana made up part of the demographic of our judging team. Thank you so very much to all of our community members who filled the role of project judges.

This celebration of learning in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math would be impossible without the physical and technical support of the GFPS Environmental Education, Extended Curriculum Services, Curriculum, and Technology departments. These leaders organize the event, garner community involvement, support student projects, coordinate volunteers, and ensure the Expo’s smooth and successful execution.

Thanks to the following community organizations who were on hand to demonstrate, encourage and celebrate STEAM:

TD&H Engineering, GFPS Preschool, GFC-MSU Respiratory Care, US FWS-Benton Lake NWR, Add-A-Tudez, Upper Missouri Breaks Audubon, City of Great Falls Environmental Division, Society of American Military Engineers, NorthWestern Energy, Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Sletten Construction, GFC-MSU Lifelong Learning, Malmstrom EOD, Ursuline Centre Preschool, American Red Cross, STARBASE, Montana Department of Transportation, RMK Creative, North Middle School Science Bowl Team, Air National Guard, and CMR HS Biology.

Sponsors who donated everything from coupons to food items, beverages to cash include:

Northwestern Energy, TD&H Engineering, Big Spring Water, Super 1 Foods, Albertsons, Target, Cold Stone Ice Cream, Chili’s, Walmart, Schulte’s, Borrie’s Supper Club, and last but not least, the Junior League of Great Falls. Junior League is in its last year of major sponsorship, and has been donating $5,000 per year to help support the STEAM EXPO.

With all of that said, one can see that this excellent event is collaboration exemplified. Thank you to all involved. It truly takes teamwork to make STEAM-work!

Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy

Would you like to provide a year’s worth of books to children in our community? Now you can easily give this gift! Through the Ferst Foundation, you can provide books for a year every year for children aged 0-5. One year of books for a child you know is just $40. To pay it forward and donate to an anonymous child in need of books, it only costs you $36! For more information, or to order books, please contact Lisa Carlson (Title TSA, x6028) or Carol Paul (Title Coordinator, x6779). Also, be sure to find us on Facebook – Great Falls Ferst Foundation! Give us a LIKE!

National Board Certification

  • Strong Professional Development
  • Recognizing the many demands on teachers’ time, the certification process is designed to be flexible, efficient and affordable
  • Interested in learning more?

Please join us for an informational meeting to see if National Boards is right for you!

  • When: Thursday, April 12th from 4:15-5
  • Where: Mountain View Elementary Library (3420 15th Ave S.)
  • What: This will be an informational introduction to the certification process.  We will address Why certify? How does one certify? What is the process? The cost? The local support available in our district? What is Jumpstart?
  • Light snacks will be provided.

Have questions or need more information?  Please contact Amy Konen at 268-7314 or amy_konen@gfps.k12.mt.us  or Londa Hart at 268-6693  or londa_hart@gfps.k12.mt.us

Please consider joining us and finding out if National Boards is the right choice for you!  See you then!

Great Falls College logo, GFPS logo, MIET Tech Days logo

Announcing MIET 2018 Registration
Registration for MIET 2018 Tech Days is now open!

Early Bird Price is $110 if registered by May 18, 2018

Groups of 5 or more can register at $100 each, if registered by May 18, 2018

Be sure to check the posted schedule to see session topics.
Also be watching for session spotlights to get more information about specific topics.

College credits are available for an additional cost.

Check out our website!

To All Certified Staff

PIR registration for the 2018-19 school year opened on April 2. It is highly suggested to register as soon as possible.

To fulfill the 187 day contract, each teacher needs six DD PIR credits and 12 more credits that are flexible (additional DD credits or just plain PIR credits.) These credits are taken outside the duty day and/or contract year because they are traded for two (MEA) days off in mid-October and one day off on MLK Day.

The four DD options are:

  • June 12-13 MIET
  • June 14 Weston Kieschnick (Bold School)
  • August 21 Weston Kieschnick (Bold School)
  • September 1-October 31 online Moodle Course (self-paced to be done sometime in the two-month window)

Beyond the traditional PIR eCentral catalog offerings, summer options for the other 12 flexible credits are:

  • June 12 and 13 Elementary and Student Services PIR Summit
  • August 22 and 23 Elementary and Student Services PIR Summit
  • August 22 and 23 Secondary PIR Summit

Click here for information about how to use PIR eCentral.

Click here to register.