Safety Committee 2020-2021


To promote a safety culture within the District and at each facility.

Jerry Austill, Lead Transportation and Safety
Meeting Frequency: 

Mandated by Montana Safety Culture Act for twice a year.

Usual Meeting Place: 

At each facility as scheduled

Meeting Dates and Times: 


Committee Members: 
  • Jerry Austill
  • Lance Boyd
  • Erin Butts
  • Brent Cutler
  • Kerry Dattilo
  • Aaron Frick
  • Erica Harp
  • Lee Haynes
  • Brian Held
  • Clint Houston
  • Heather Hoyer
  • Bobby Ingalls
  • Tom Moore
  • Jody Murray
  • Pete Pace
  • Brian Patrick
  • Jesse Rofteck
  • Julie Shotnokoff
  • Teresa Sprague
  • Heather Spurzem
  • Nick Taylor
  • Ruth Uecker
  • Steve Yates
  • Jessa Youngers
Other Information: 

For individual school safety committee members, please contact the School Secretary or call 268-6015.