Employee Wellness Committee 2019-2020


Our mission is to nurture the health and well-being of our most important asset, the employees of the Great Falls Public Schools.

Jody Murray, Prevention Specialist
Meeting Frequency: 


Usual Meeting Place: 

District Office Building

Meeting Dates and Times: 


Committee Members: 
Erica Harp School Nurse
Transportation and Safety
Erin Butts Student Mental Health Coordinator
Lisa Henry District Classified
Literacy Teacher
Kim Ray Elementary Principal
Kerry Dattilo HR Director
Jody Murray CARE Prevention Specialist
Sandy Bennett District Classified
Drew Uecker High School Principal
Heather Spurzem  Benefits Analyst
Susan Woyth  HR Administrative Assistant


Other Information: 

The Long Term Goals of the Employee Wellness Program are:

  • Move from an activity-centered wellness program to a results-oriented program
  • Promote behavior change for and with our employees through skill-building
  • Link our wellness initiative to our benefit design
  • Move from providing incentives for healthy behaviors to providing incentives for healthy outcomes
  • Move from the extrinsic motivation of incentives to the more intrinsic motivation of good health
  • Grow employees who are knowledgeable, responsible consumers of their healthcare plan
  • Grow employees who are knowledgeable, responsible advocates for their own health and well-being
  • Institutionalize year-end reporting that includes employees, senior level management, and school board
  • Expand communication with our retirees who subscribe to our benefit plan and are the largest consumers of our plan